[RivCompanions] Oh the possibilities.......

Rebecca Cox anglicanhaitianmomma at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 27 12:51:13 UTC 2014

My girls are going on a field trip to the Berry Patch today - Olivia told me that they were also going to an egg farm too...'Mom wouldn't it be cool if the field trip to the egg farm was at my Rivendell? I could show all my friends where to go and be comfortable. I know about eggs and chickens because of my Rivendell so it will be exciting but not extra exciting. I would also show my friends how i can fish at the pond! But the school wouldn't take us all the way to Dunnegan for a field trip. I wish I could share my Rivendell Community with my friends.' 

I thought I would share that with you all - and give an example of how the Community impacts my children (but the location is out of reach for other children to enjoy)!


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