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But Susie, those are details which ALL OF US need to KNOW about - 
It is not an issue of a private homeowner and her roommate  - with either the homeowner or the roommate deciding to move out - !
It is Community property and what the level of income is going to be available in order to keep it operating in the black is EVERYONE's concern - Martha was right to ask.
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Having a majority of votes affirmative for the tractor and not a single vote against it, we bought the tractor yesterday. It has been delivered today. Now, the discussion is not about buying a tractor, but how are we going to manage our finances when Virginia moves.  She and I are in discussion about this.  The trouble is that we approved at GC the budget for the coming year before recommending that V move to Houston. There are details that only she and I can work out, which does not mean we don't want to hear from others about the financial future!



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I hesitated to speak to this issue any more than I already did simply because ... our personal financial commitment to Rivendell seems lacking in my eyes and as that is the case, I hate to jump into the middle of discussions of what should be bought. Therefore, I was going to abstain. With the opening of the discussion, I offer this thought. 

Tractors are not like cars. They do not get the same type of day to day wear and tear that a car or pickup would get. A ten or twenty year old tractor would still be a viable work horse. And given the idea that Kubota's hold their value, that means reason for the value. 

I do not at all deny the idea that we need a new tractor -- merely that "newer" might be better than brand new (although far less cool!!). 



    “For surelyI know the plans I have for you,… plans for your welfare and not for harm, togive you a future with hope. Then when you call upon me and come and pray tome, I will hear you. When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek mewith all your heart, I will let you find me, … and I will restore your fortunesand gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you,… and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile." Jeremiah 29:11-14

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Dear Companions,

I spoke with Cathy a little while ago and learned that she attempted to send out this email to the Professed list, and while some received it, some apparently did not.  As she suggested, I'll try sending it again and we'll see if it works.  Cathy raises some significant issues which I think have been on several minds in various forms, so please do read it and join in the conversation.



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I voted YES - but I have some different questions that were not clear in my mind, and which I posed to Susie.
Susie and I have discussed this. V and I have talked briefly as well.
But Susie said that she did not receive this when I sent it to all the professed, so I have corrected the figures and am sending it again.
Please, let's discuss this as unemotionally as possible - and on this list. This is NOT a concern that the novices and postulants need to be engaged in at this point...
We now owe ourselves $80,000.....That nearly empties the "development fund" that Virginia set up for Rivendell when she received a large chunk of money from her Aunt's estate. That just means we have spent nearly all of the $100,000 she gave to the Community after her Aunt's death, and it means there is no more to be had - so we need to husband whatever resources we still have carefully.
My concern was/is simply this: How do we repay ourselves without increased, steady income? 
Our monthly repayment is now not just the $365 Susie mentions, but with the other loans, the total repayment is close to $1,500/mo. 

The financial aspect of this is essential to consider, since Virginia is also looking to move to Houston and her retirement income will need to go with her to finance a small apartment. She needs the quiet and privacy of her own space. She has already researched cost of living there. She and I talked briefly about this yesterday. Her income will NOT remain in Dunnegan when she moves.

Once we take Virgina's income out of the equation, is there enough regular income from Susie's retirement, from retreats, from Companions, to pay this amount AND keep up the other expenses of the house? (We have, of course, lost also the Diocesan support for room/board and Virgina's leadership of George Herbert) 
There will be $15,000 left in the "development fund" and approximately $6,000 left in the savings account (Susie couldn't remember exactly how much, and I don't know) -       Is that enough reserve in case of emergency?
I am still concerned about the long-term financial viability of Rivendell (the house) without a real plan for its long-term use and income. I know we have dreams and ideas, but that is not quite the same as a plan.
Again, please, I am not attacking Susie, who is my friend; I am not denying the need for a tractor. I am not "siding with" anyone or against anyone. 
I am asking questions we need to be able to discuss without just saying to Susie, "whatever you want is fine" - because that puts a huge burden on her to make all the right choices when she is not sure what Virginia thinks or, for that matter, what God intends - 
OR to say to V, "whatever you say is fine" - which puts an identical burden on her to speak up when she is unsure, but reluctant to disagree -  and is herself unsure about God's purposes in all this - and when the two of them do not see quite eye-to-eye it leaves them both struggling to decide how to proceed - 
Everyone needs to engage in this conversation, because it affects all of us - The question of planning, actual, hard planning for our future in Dunnegan HAS TO HAPPEN, and preferably first among us.
The consensus at Chapter was that we should keep the property and there is now a consensus that we should incur more "debt" or spend most of our remaining resources - whichever way you want to put it - 
But it is not fair to leave all the details about how this ACTUALLY works out to Susie and Virginia alone just because for the moment they are the only ones who live there and it is easier to dump the whole thing in their laps.
And no, I do NOT have any answers, either. But that does not obviate the need we all have to have a serious conversation about this - 
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I vote yes, but I do want to be clear about the internal loan status - 
This is my understanding from what Susie wrote: When we buy the tractor, our debt (to ourselves) will be approximately $80,000.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            We will have approximately $15,000 left in the development fund which will only slowly recover.                                                                                                                          That leaves us no financial wiggle-room should something else come up.
What I do not see is the total amount of the MONTHLY loan repayment, for all three loans.
I'd like to be reassured that whatever it is, that the monthly total will not exceed what we can comfortably re-pay ourselves.

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