[RivCompanions] Hey religion, your misogyny is showing

Pepper Marts mpm29 at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 26 00:59:00 UTC 2014


A bit from Randal Maurice Jelks' op-ed to *CNN Belief Blog* at

  There is a direct link between Kate Kelly, a lifelong member of the
  Church of Jesus Christ Latter day-Saints, who was excommunicated on
  charges of apostasy, and Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman sentenced
  to death for her supposed apostasy.

  And the link is deeper than the charge of abandoning one's faith.

  Patriarchy comes in all forms, but religious patriarchy seems
  particularly pernicious because it assumes that male rule is
  constituent of God or the gods.

  In other words, God or the gods behave like men — wrathful,
  scornful, jealous, and imperious.

  However, this is not why so many people — women and men alike — are
Jelks continues by looking at the goodness found in religion, before
turning to how it "can equally be mired in ideologies of exclusion
that can lead to bigotry on many levels, especially toward women."

Pep, with thanks and a tip of the hat to Kurt Wiesner.

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