[RivCompanions] An email gone astray?

Susie Danielsson susiedanielsson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 20:40:01 UTC 2014

I found it in my spam folder.  Anyone who didn't get it the first time
might want to look there.

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 3:36 PM, Virginia Brown <mothervirginiadb at gmail.com>

> Dear Companions,
> I spoke with Cathy a little while ago and learned that she attempted to
> send out this email to the Professed list, and while some received it, some
> apparently did not.  As she suggested, I'll try sending it again and we'll
> see if it works.  Cathy raises some significant issues which I think have
> been on several minds in various forms, so please do read it and join in
> the conversation.
> Love,
> V
> On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 8:13 AM, <susanna601 at aol.com> wrote:
>> I voted YES - but I have some different questions that were not clear in
>> my mind, and which I posed to Susie.
>> Susie and I have discussed this. V and I have talked briefly as well.
>> But Susie said that she did not receive this when I sent it to all the
>> professed, so I have corrected the figures and am sending it again.
>> Please, let's discuss this as unemotionally as possible - and on this
>> list. This is NOT a concern that the novices and postulants need to be
>> engaged in at this point...
>> We now owe ourselves $80,000.....That nearly empties the "development
>> fund" that Virginia set up for Rivendell when she received a large chunk of
>> money from her Aunt's estate. That just means we have spent nearly all of
>> the $100,000 she gave to the Community after her Aunt's death, and it means
>> there is no more to be had - so we need to husband whatever resources we
>> still have carefully.
>> My concern was/is simply this: How do we repay ourselves without
>> increased, steady income?
>> Our monthly repayment is now not just the $365 Susie mentions, but with
>> the other loans, the total repayment is close to $1,500/mo.
>>  The financial aspect of this is essential to consider, since Virginia
>> is also looking to move to Houston and her *retirement income will need
>> to go with her* to finance a small apartment. She needs the quiet and
>> privacy of her own space. She has already researched cost of living
>> there. She and I talked briefly about this yesterday. Her income will
>> NOT remain in Dunnegan when she moves.
>> Once we take Virgina's income out of the equation, is there enough*
>> regular* income from Susie's retirement, from retreats, from Companions,
>> to pay this amount AND keep up the other expenses of the house? (We have,
>> of course, lost also the Diocesan support for room/board and Virgina's
>> leadership of George Herbert)
>> There will be $15,000 left in the "development fund" and approximately
>> $6,000 left in the savings account (Susie couldn't remember exactly how
>> much, and I don't know) -       Is that enough reserve in case of emergency?
>> I am still concerned about the long-term financial viability of Rivendell
>> (the house) without a real plan for its long-term use and income. I know we
>> have dreams and ideas, but that is not quite the same as a plan.
>> Again, please, *I am not attacking Susie, who is my friend; I am not
>> denying the need for a tractor. I am not "siding with" anyone or against
>> anyone. *
>> I am asking questions we need to be *able to discuss* without just
>> saying to Susie, "whatever you want is fine" - because that puts a huge
>> burden on her to make all the right choices when she is not sure what
>> Virginia thinks or, for that matter, what God intends -
>> OR to say to V, "whatever you say is fine" - which puts an identical
>> burden on her to speak up when she is unsure, but reluctant to disagree
>> -  and is herself unsure about God's purposes in all this - and when the
>> two of them do not see quite eye-to-eye it leaves them both struggling to
>> decide how to proceed -
>> Everyone needs to engage in this conversation, because it affects all of
>> us - The question of planning, actual, hard planning for our future in
>> Dunnegan HAS TO HAPPEN, and preferably first among us.
>> The consensus at Chapter was that we should keep the property and there
>> is now a consensus that we should incur more "debt" or spend most of our
>> remaining resources - whichever way you want to put it -
>> But it is not fair to leave all the details about how this ACTUALLY works
>> out to Susie and Virginia alone just because for the moment they are the
>> only ones who live there and it is easier to dump the whole thing in their
>> laps.
>> And no, I do NOT have any answers, either. But that does not obviate the
>> need we *all* have to have a serious conversation about this -
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>>   *I vote yes, but I do want to be clear about the internal loan status
>> -*
>> This is my understanding from what Susie wrote: When we buy the
>> tractor, our debt (to ourselves) will be approximately
>> $80,000.
>> We will have approximately $15,000 left in the development fund which will
>> only slowly
>> recover.
>> That leaves us no financial wiggle-room should something else come up.
>> What I do* not* see is the *total *amount of the MONTHLY loan repayment,
>> for all three loans.
>> I'd like to be reassured that whatever it is, that the monthly total will
>> not exceed what we can comfortably re-pay ourselves.
>> Cathy
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