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Virginia Brown mothervirginiadb at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 16:49:06 UTC 2014

Good morning, everyone!  Happy St. Mary Magdalene's Day!  Today marks the
anniversary of what we consider our first profession, when Cathy, Donna and
I together committed ourselves to our Rule, and to whatever adventures the
future might hold for us, having taken that radical step expressed in the
Prologue, giving ourselves wholly, all we are, all we possess, into God's
hands for God's purposes.  We were together in Albuquerque, and to mark the
occasion we each received one of the prototype Rivendell crosses I'd
ordered a couple of weeks beforehand--the small pewter ones.  We had little
idea of what all this would mean--but we desired to live radically and
faithfully as disciples of Jesus, friends of God and God's Reign.

A couple of notes to the letter I sent yesterday:

1.  Some may well not have seen it at all, since it would have appeared as
another contribution to the old "election needed..." email.  Please do look
at it, and please respond, today if at all possible, with which date(s) you
could attend a special GC, September 19-20 or October 3-4, and whether you
could attend all day Friday, all day Saturday, or both.  I'd like to hear
from everyone so we can see what's best for most and make a decision.

2.  Also, regarding recent events and our feelings and responses:  I do
want to clarify something regarding concerns expressed about whether
someone should have done something earlier on.  As I see it, it's clear
that everyone who was close enough to the situation to intervene did so.
(All of us attempted to talk with Susie, and mostly were rebuffed or
ignored.)  Those who were not close enough, which is the majority of the
Community, couldn't have done anything--they weren't close enough.  All of
us did the best we could with the information and opportunities available.
So, at this point no one should be spending energy feeling guilty.  Let's
use our energy to move forward!

Much love, and a happy St. Mary Mag's Day, to all.

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