[RivCompanions] A sad development

Virginia Brown mothervirginiadb at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 22:18:49 UTC 2014

Dear Companions,

I have some sad and distressing news to share with you all.  The Council of
Advice met this afternoon, and have asked Susie to leave the Motherhouse
within the next two weeks.  Ed will be leaving this weekend.  Without going
into any unnecessary detail, this follows disclosures of the use over a
period of time of marijuana at the Motherhouse by Susie, along with Ed and
Abby, and sharing it with a retreatant/guest.  This is illegal in the state
of Missouri, carrying heavy legal penalties, so placing the House and the
Community in jeopardy; but it also involved issues of transparency and

Susie has served as Retreat Coordinator for several years, and her
hospitality is celebrated throughout this Diocese and beyond.  We grieve at
this development on multiple levels, and ask your prayers for Susie, Abby
and Ed, and all who will be impacted by it.  What will happen next is
something we'll need to discuss over the next few months.

The decision was unanimously taken by Cathy, Christine, Noel and me, in
consultation with Bishop Barry, who has been of great help and support.

At present, this news is being shared with the Professed members of the
Community, but we'll share it shortly with all.  Please, if you do have
questions about this, feel free to contact one of us.  Let's be careful,
though, to avoid gossip.

Love to all,
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