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Mike - This may not resonate with anyone else, but it matters are great deal to me that we use the actual community language of FORMATION rather than TRAINING - They imply very different things....but as for the rest of your question, V will have to express what she thinks about this! I have no idea what is in her mind about how she wants to proceed - I love Noels ideas, though - 

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Like David, I am willing to assist in any way you consider appropriate.  I do have a spare bedroom with its own private bathroom if any companion coming down this way to help needs a place to stay.  Also, my home is more centrally located than Elizabeth’s for the new Houston area postulants and I would be happy to make it available for training and would even provide the meals for any of the meetings you choose to hold here.  I understand that it is a companion who would be doing the training, not I, but I am offering a possible venue.
Also, I would welcome your views on beginning Rivendell’s ministry in Texas apart from the actual training sessions.  I assume from what you’ve written that you would like a monthly meeting with a companion, but I assume this would not preclude groups of us getting together to talk about, plan, and perhaps begin to carry out, actual work associated with the goals of Rivendell here in Texas.  For example, we could talk to Elizabeth and Paulette concerning how we might build additional spiritual support for the Iona program, or we might explore setting up hospitality ministries of the sort modeled in Memphis.  
Whatever you decide, you have my complete support and cooperation.  I also will be praying for the quick and complete recovery of your husband with his pending kidney procedure.
In Christ, Mike

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