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Thanks to Christine for finding the missing piece!  I mentioned that Virginia's email to the folks in Texas was on the data attachment.  It was not so here 'tis.


Email from Virginiafor August 3 Meeting
We'll meet at the home of Elizabeth Dowell, 13318 Conifer,Houston  77079, at 2:00 pm, concluding with Evening Prayer andsupper.  Our agenda will include an opportunity for sharing a little ofour stories, our journeys of faith so far, reflections on the Companions' Rule,and consideration of what we hope to accomplish during Postulancy and how we'regoing to go about it--including figuring out some logistics like when, whereand how we may be able to meet.  We'll conclude with a celebration ofMother Martha's first promises and admission to the Novitiate, along with EveningPrayer, and a simple celebratory meal together.  Elizabeth will provide amain dish, and maybe others could bring side dishes, snacks, beverages, orwhatever.  Meanwhile, if you have thoughts, ideas or requests, please passthem along to me.

Does everyone have a copy of the Study Guide?  If so, please take a fewminutes to review the Foreword and Appendices A, B and C.  If not, let meknow and I'll send you electronic copies of this material.  (It's only afew pages.)   If there are other materials you'd like to have, pleaselet me know so I can bring them for you on the 3rd.

Would you please RSVP both to me (MotherVirginiaDB at gmail.com)and to Elizabeth (Elizabe16 at aol.com),and let her know about what you might like to bring?

In Christ's love,

P.S.    You may be hearing from our new Formation Director Noelbefore long--I believe she would like to make contact with each Postulant andbegin getting to know you.  She plans, also, to arrange for a mentor foreach person, a Professed Companion who can serve as a contact with theCommunity beyond Texas.
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