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Dear Companions,

I am a bit behind in getting this out.  Things are very active here as our eco-community is just in the formation stage and there are lots of meetings and consensus building to do and new owners showing up, etc.  So I am in a juggling mode!

We have 6 postulants and 2 novices in Houston, 1 novice in KC, and 2 potential postulants in Memphis (we’ll be hearing from Murray about them soon after Emmaus Chapter Meeting on July 20th .)  That is 11 in formation and 16 companions!

It is going to take all of us working together as 1) individual mentors, 2) study guide facilitators for a month, 3) intercessors praying with and for us, 4) advisors in developing/managing the process, and 5) traveling to Houston.  We will more than likely need to adjust the process as we go since we have never managed this number in formation at the same time before.  Therefore, please reflect on which role you WILL volunteer for.  If we divide this up it is doable.  All suggested roles are negotiable and some are based on your requests.  They are listed in the attachment about formation.

I am sorry about the length of the email and the attachments, but it is what it is, and in the future, I will try to break things up into manageable pieces.  It will be critical that we share as we go on this companions list serve.

At the end of the data attachment, is the email which went out from Virginia to the group for the August 3rd meeting.  I would very much like to have your comments back (on this list) before she goes, so that we are able to be complete and clear with them about how the process will begin.  Please feel free to make suggestions.....your input is important to me.  I don't feel as though I have all the answers!

In reflecting on this adventure, I have had an opportunity to review our history and our mission of prayer and hospitality and feel confident that we need to stay focused on that before looking toward some new venture.  These folks were drawn to us with a yearning to find God's will in their lives and to learn to enact that in their lives, and we have a responsibility to listen to that and to model how Rivendell prepares us to be present to them through our prayers and hospitality.  An awesome responsibility.

I am grateful every day for you all and for your part in my awareness of God's presence in my life and for your love.


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