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Virginia Brown mothervirginiadb at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 15:11:00 UTC 2013

Dear Companions,

I've been trying to send you all a couple of applications for Postulancy
from Lori and Charles Miller, who are friends of Rivendell in Memphis, but
because the scans are large documents, apparently, they didn't go through.
Pepper was working on a solution involving putting them through a character
recognition thing, but so far we don't have them.  I'm going to try to see
if Lori and Charles could send them in electronic form, and will send them
along if so.  I believe the applications come with the support of the
Emmaus Chapter... I wonder if Emmaus would like to provide a formal
endorsement/approval, since you all know them?

Meanwhile, in the same email I'd wanted to share something of the gathering
in Houston.

We had a good gathering last Saturday in Houston, with all but two of our
Postulants (Bob, who had a prior commitment, and Paulette, who couldn't
make it because of distance, I believe) present. At Evensong we celebrated
Martha's admission as a Novice, using a similar rite to that we had for
David and Michael at General Chapter.   I was happy to discover that all,
including Paulette who was consulted by text, are willing to get together
monthly to work on formation material.  The next gathering is scheduled for
September 22, which, as someone pointed out, is Frodo and Bilbo's birthday,
and will be at Michael's house.  The plan is to rotate among postulants'
houses.  The topic will be Unit A, on the Daily Office and Rhythms of
Sacred Time.  As we discussed, it would be really good if professed
Companions beside me could visit Houston and be with the Postulants and
Novices there, leading some of the conversation and getting to know the new
people.  Would anyone be able and willing to be in Houston on the 22nd next

Love to all,
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