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Good morning, everyone!  I seem to have responded only to Susie; I intended
this for all the professed list.

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I think what we've heard from Memphis sounds encouraging.  I'll scan and
send the applications when I get back.

I'm in Houston right now, and am planning to meet with the Texas people
tomorrow.  We'll meet from 2:00 through Evening Prayer and supper.  Martha
will make her initial promises and become a Novice at EP.   I do appreciate
your prayers!

In addition to this festivity, we're also getting ready for my grandson
Rory's first birthday party.  Today is actually his birthday, and we're
having the party Sunday afternoon after church.  Elizabeth has arranged a
very cute Winnie the Pooh theme, and we've planned a treasure hunt and
various other festivities.  The chief celebrants will, of course, be older
children, though perhaps Rory will lead the way on the treasure hunt doing
his inchworm imitation.  He's on the verge of taking his first unaided
steps, and seems to have opted to bypass crawling.

Love to all!


On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 5:25 PM, Susie Danielsson
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> Dear Companions,
> The Motherhouse today received the applications for postulancy from a
> married couple from Memphis.  I don't know why they were sent here rather
> than to Emmaus Chapter, but I think it may be good for all of us to take a
> look and discern how to proceed.
> They are Lori and Charles Miller.  They have been attending Saturday
> nights in Memphis since June.  He is a retired Presbyterian minister and
> she is an active lay person.  They both are involved with several outreach
> projects in Memphis, including the street ministry of St. Mary's
> Cathedral.  They've moved from city to city over the years and have very
> much wanted to have a community, and indeed have always either found one
> where they were or started some sort of small group of Christians.  They
> both state that they want to discern whether Rivendell is the community for
> them.  Personally, I like that way of thinking.  They aren't coming at it
> as if they already KNOW.
> They are both 68 and have been married since 1965, having two grown sons.
> I'm not sure how Virginia does the scanning of applications to send to you
> all, so I will wait until she returns from Houston.
> Anyway, I will email both of them with copies to Murray to let them know
> we have their applications.  Any comments from Emmaus Chapter?
> Love to all on this hot summer day.
> Susie
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