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Susie Danielsson susiedanielsson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 00:37:50 UTC 2012

Dear Companions,
Cathy's dad is in the last days of his earthly life.  Cathy has been caring
for him at home without benefit of hospice or home health care aids.  This,
after caring for her step-mother for so long before she died. As Cliff
approaches the end it gets harder and harder for Cathy.  Aside from the
fact that her dad has always been the most important person in her life,
she has been acting a hospice nurse, loving daughter, nurse aid, laundry
person, etc. Becky has been great about going over to help her mom get him
back to bed when he got up and then fell.  He is now no longer getting up
at all. I've helped as I could when I knew what the need was, but certainly
not as much as I could have.

Cathy is absolutely worn out. She needs good sleep, and prayers from all of
us.  And she needs her dad to go peacefully into the arms of Jesus.  Soon.

End of life times are when we seem to pull together more than at other
times, for some reason.  Let us all remember that our love for each other
and for our Lord Jesus is what keeps us together as a community.  Prayer is
powerful. Use it. You might want to give Cathy a call with brief messages
of love.  Or emails, but don't expect an answer right away. She's barely
treading water right now.

Love to all.
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