[Francophones] Insecurity in Eastern D.R. Congo

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Mar 24 Nov 15:52:52 GMT 2009


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 
Since the beginning of the operation known as ‘’KIMYA I and KIMYA II’’, the political situation in eastern D.R. Congo is worse and critical. 
KIMYA 1 is an operation by Congolese and Rwandese militaries sent by Congo and Rwanda governments together trying to track the FDLR (Interahamwe) who live as refugees in North Kivu and South Kivu provinces since 1994. 
KIMYA II consists to do the same operation by the Congolese army and Rwandese army in South Kivu province. 
These two operations aim to force by guns the FDLR (Interahamwe) to go back to their country Rwanda , where they have committed genocide in 1994. Now six months since KIMYA I and KIMYAII started but without success.   
Being angry with Congo and Rwanda governments fighting against them, the Interahamwe militias are now to revenge against the civilian people. From the forest, they  attack the villages by making ambuscades over roads; looting of properties, sexual abuse, killing and other kind of violence.  
The following are some cases: 
1.    On October 24th 2009, we have been victims of fighting between the Interahamwe against Congolese army at NYAMIRIMA RUTSHURU in North Kivu , where we visited the parishes for confirmation. Till now, there is no peace in many villages around Goma town. 
2.  The night of November 21, 2009 the Vicar of the Anglican Parish of KAUNDJU / BUNYAKIRI, Revd KULOLA MULUME has been taken out to forest as hostage with other people by the Interahamwe, there they are tortured and nobody knows what will be their final sort. 
3.    A great number of our Pastors and believers of RUTSHURU, KATANA, KALEHE, BUNYAKIRI, MWENGA, SHABUNDA and ITOMBWE are victims and displaced. They have leaved their Churches, their houses, their fields and have gone in displacement some where else to look for safety areas. 
4.   We have a SOMA/UK conference at Bukavu town from 22 to 29 November 2009. All the Pastors are invited but some did not reached because of insecurity. 
The political situation in North Kivu and South Kivu Provinces still be instable. 
One can see a confusion among the militaries. Different groups in the same army. FARDC (Congolese army), FDLR (Rwandese army), MAIMAI (people militias) and NGUMINO (Banyamulenge). 
These groups are fighting one against another for unknown reasons, thus the civilian people are victims. 
Now Congolese are wondering what is MONUC’s role in D.R. Congo while such situation is happening and they can't react? When will end their mandate? 
Brothers and sisters in Christ, we request your prayers for our Revd MULUME KULOLWA brought by the Interahamwe in the forest. Also, pray for peace in our diocese in particular and the eastern D.R. Congo in general. 
We thank so much   His Grace ROWAM WILLIAM Archbishop of Canterbury , His grace Henry ISINGOMA KAHWA Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Congo and  Rt Revd Michael Scott Joynt Bishop of Winchester Diocese for their support in denouncing the bad political  situation  met daily in the Country D.R. Congo. 
With prayers. 
Bishop of Bukavu Diocese

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