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Tuesday, 1st December 2009

    Zambia should act on Genocide suspects - NGO

continental Non Governmental Organisation has demanded that Zambia acts
expeditiously in apprehending Genocide suspects who have made the
country a safe haven. Joseph Chilengi, the Executive Director of
Africa Internally Displaced Persons’ Voice (Africa IDP Voice) sounded
the call at an ongoing training workshop on equal status and human
rights of Women in East Africa in Mombasa, Kenya. “Zambia needs
to co-operate genuinely, and deliver any Genocide suspect as we have
all to gain from that”, Chilengi said in a heated question and answer
session. “I will remind my country to behave responsibly…this is
a serious matter as we all work and pray that what happened in Rwanda
does not repeat itself anywhere else on the continent,” he added. The
government recently said that Zambia and other countries in southern
Africa have up to now failed to cooperate with Rwanda in acting against
Genocide suspects who are comfortably living in their territories. The
Africa IDP Voice boss recommended that Zambia establish specific
practical arrangements for the investigation of serious international
crimes such as specialised units within immigration, police and
prosecution authorities that will ensure that serious international
crimes are investigated regularly. “We need to rescreen all those claiming to be Refugees in my country,” Chilengi. “I
know of Refugees for example claiming to be Burundians when they are
actually Rwandans and use names that are not their real names. We need
to expose these and if they are found wanting, they be sent to face
justice,” he added 
Meanwhile, Tanzania has denied accusations
levelled against it by the UN Group of Experts which implicates the
East African country in the illegal supply of arms to FDLR rebels
operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The
country’s Foreign Affairs Ministe,r Bernard Membe, told reporters
during the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government Meeting (CHOGM)
in Port-of –Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, that the accusation was an
outright malicious lie concocted with the intention of tarnishing the
image of his country. Membe said the work of the UN Group has left his government surprised at such a level of incompetence and un-professionalism.  Ends

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