[Francophones] nouvelles de Kivu Nord

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Jeu 4 Déc 15:40:42 GMT 2008

Chers amis,

Voici un courriel qui m'a été retranmis, de la femme de l'Évêque de  
New Jersey, Mme Ruth Councell.

C'est en anglais, mais il y a quand même des nouvelles fraîches de Mgr  
Kayeeye, évêque assistant de Nord-Kivu.

L'adresse courriel de Mgr Kayeeye est bpkayeeye at hotmail.com.

+Pierre Whalon

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> Dear friends,
> On November 8, I received an e-mail message from Phoebe Kayeeye,  
> wife of Bishop Enoch Kayeeye of the Diocese of North Kivu in  the  
> Democratic Republic of Congo, whom we had gotten to know at the  
> Lambeth Conference.  She informed me of the worsening situation in  
> North Kivu.  At that time the actual fighting was still 100 km away  
> from them, but refugees from the surrounding war-affected areas have  
> been fleeing to them. Sometimes 20-30 men, women, and children  
> arrive per day bringing nothing with them.  The Kayeeyes are doing  
> what they can to get them to established camps.  And although there  
> are food and other supplies available to be purchased, the small  
> missionary Diocese has no money to buy them.  The Kayeeyes have  
> appealed to us for our prayers and for emergency funding.
> In addition to prayer, two things have been put in motion since then:
> 1. Bishop Kayeeye has set up an account at Barclay's International  
> Bank in Uganda into which funds can be deposited.  From there they  
> can be transfered to an account in North Kivu and the necessary food  
> and supplies can be purchased locally. (Apparently if we send funds  
> directly to a North Kivu bank, the recipient only realizes a quarter  
> of the value.  Hence Barclay's.  The N. Kivu bank will accept  
> transfers from there.)
> 2. Episcopal Relief and Development has been contacted, and Bishop  
> Kayeeye is in touch with them. We expect they will come through,  
> though we are not certain when.
> Because each day that goes by is critical to these people, who are  
> starving, and since there is no word yet from ERD, the Diocese of  
> New Jersey is willing to bridge the gap by collecting and wiring  
> money to the fund in Uganda, and has sent an initial contribution of  
> $1000 from Bishop Romero's discretionary fund.  Much more is needed,  
> however, so I ask that anyone who can, please make a donation,  
> however small.
> Checks can be made payable to the Diocese of New Jersey with a  
> notation for "North Kivu Refugees" and sent to
> Diocese of New Jersey
> 808 West State Street
> Trenton, New Jersey 08618-5326
> Attention: Canon Wanda Greene
> Many Many Thanks,
> Ruth
> P.S.  We have just heard that Bishop Kayeeye has received the first  
> donation and has gone directly to the grocery store!  He sends his  
> gratitude and blessing.

(Mgr) Pierre Whalon
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
23, avenue George V
75008 Paris France
+33 1 53 23 84 06  (tel)
+33 1 49 52 96 85 (fax)
office at tec-europe.org

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