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Dear All,

I commend this resource to you. Engaging people of other faiths is crucial to our life together.

Bishop Pierre
member, NIFCON management group

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> De : Rana Khan <RanaK at anglicancommunion.org>
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> Objet : i-book to help Anglicans and other Christians engage with people of other faiths
> Dear friends,
> i-book launched to help Anglicans/Episcopalians and other Christians engage with people of other faiths
> The Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns (NIFCON) has launched an exciting and valuable new resource to assist Anglicans and other Christians in their engagement with people of other faiths.  http://www.anglicancommunion.org/acns/news.cfm/2011/5/20/ACNS4865
> "One of the important features of the resource is that it can grow and change to respond to new needs and new insights. Also as it is online (on the Anglican Communion website) it is widely available throughout much of the Anglican World. As well as written material it incorporates some video and audio resources, and we want to expand on these over the coming few months.
> Clare Amos, Director for Theological Studies in the Anglican Communion Office and with responsibility for the work of NIFCON said: “Those of us who have worked in this i-book study guide for Generous Love are pleased and excited to see it launched. It offers a new model for educational communication around the Anglican Communion.
> "The study guide acknowledges the importance of context in relation to our engagement with people of other faiths: the situation in Pakistan, for example, is very different to the context in Britain, while that for Anglicans in Egypt, Nigeria, India or the United States is varied yet again. I want to make a positive request to Anglicans around the world to share with us any material (particularly video and audio) that they may have which illustrates their engagement with people of other faiths.
> You can access the i-book at  http://www.aco.org/_books/
> Best wishes
> Rana
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