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> Aftershock rocks Haiti: Diocese expands its recovery role
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> As a major aftershock rocked the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince and
> Léogâne, more news emerged Jan. 20 about the growing role of the
> Episcopal Diocese of Haiti in the country's short-term relief efforts
> and long-term recovery. 
> The news included reports of babies being born and the loss of more
> people served by the diocese.
> A magnitude 5.9 aftershock struck just after 6 a.m. local time about 35
> miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, according to the U.S. Geological
> Survey, which had earlier in the day calculated the aftershock at 6.1 on
> the Richter scale. It was one of 28 temblors the USGS recorded up until
> 4:43 EST Jan. 20. A magnitude 6.0 quake is 10 times less in magnitude
> than a magnitude 7.0, such as the one that devastated Port-au-Prince and
> the surrounding area eight days ago.
> The Haiti Nursing Foundation reported on its website Jan. 20 that three
> students from the diocese's school of nursing in Léogâne died in their
> homes during the Jan. 12 quake that also destroyed 80 - 90 percent of
> the buildings in the main part of town. 
> That report came along with the news that six babies had been born at
> the makeshift hospital that has been operating at the school's buildings
> since just after the earthquake.
> The foundation reported that 27 members of a relief team from Japan,
> including four doctors and seven nurses, are now working at the school
> and sleeping in one of the dormitories. Members of Doctors Without
> Borders have also been treating people at the school and members of the
> United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti have fixed the school's
> generator and are due to work on its water pump, nursing school dean
> Hilda Alcindor said on the foundation's website.
> She has said that she, the nursing students and the incoming medical
> personnel have treated at least 5,000 people since the quake. A tent
> city has sprung up in the open fields around the school. The school's
> foundation also reported that the nursing students have set up 10
> first-aid stations around Léogâne.
> In addition, the foundation said, Chip Lambert, a doctor from the
> Medical Benevolence Foundation had arrived Jan. 19 with a stock of
> supplies.
> The Medical Benevolence Foundation was already a partner with the
> nursing school as well as the diocese's Hôpital Ste. Croix in Léogâne, a
> clinic on LaGonava Island, and St. Vincent School for Handicapped
> Children in Port-au-Prince.
> According to confirmed reports, included on CNN's iReport here, at least
> six children and staff, and possibly as many as 10, were killed when one
> of the school's buildings collapsed. Since then, the school has been
> robbed of materials, St.Vincent's director, the Rev. Léon Sadoni said in
> the CNN iReport and elsewhere.
> About 130 St. Vincent students are living at a survivor camp of about
> 3,000 that diocesan Bishop Jean Zaché Duracin, who was made homeless by
> the quake, established near College Ste. Pierre in downtown
> Port-au-Prince. Plans are being made to transfer the St. Vincent
> students to other living quarters.
> Ste. Pierre, a diocesan primary school, was destroyed in the quake, as
> were at least three other of the diocese's 254 schools, ranging from
> pre-schools to a university and a seminary. Another of the destroyed
> schools is the Holy Trinity complex of primary, music and trade schools
> adjacent to the demolished diocesan Cathédrale Sainte Trinité (Holy
> Trinity Cathedral) in Port-au-Prince. More than 100 of the diocese's
> churches have been damaged or destroyed, Duracin has said.
> The Rev. Canon Oge Beauvoir, the dean of the diocese's seminary and one
> of four Episcopal Church missionaries assigned to Haiti, has been
> assisting Duracin at the camp. He is working with the Jacksonville,
> Florida-based nonprofit FreshMinistries and its international arm, Be
> The Change International to help coordinate the Haiti portion of an
> effort to bring in doctors, medical technicians, translators and
> prescription medications.
> BTCI issued a news release Jan. 19 that said the U. S. Department of
> Health and Human Services had asked it to help in the relief
> coordination. The Rev. Dr. Robert V. Lee, chair of FreshMinistries and
> BTCI, has long-standing relationships with the Episcopal Church in Haiti
> and close ties with the Haitian government, according to the news
> release. 
> Be The Change Haiti will coordinate those efforts on the ground, the
> release said. Beauvoir, who also heads Be The Change Haiti, has thus far
> found nearly 40 Haitian physicians and 37 translators, the organization
> said. Beauvoir, who escaped harm during the earthquake, has offered the
> diocese's school buildings for use in administering aid and coordinating
> further relief efforts.
> Trinity Wall Street is also participating in the effort to gather
> personnel for the effort. Lee, BTCI's chair, asked his friend and
> Trinity rector the Rev. James Cooper for help in locating French and
> Creole speakers, particularly those with medical backgrounds, who would
> be willing to help in Haiti. Trinity made the need known and about 50
> people responded, according to Donna Presnell, Trinity assistant manager
> for public relations and promotion. She said the parish is awaiting
> further word from Lee and Be The Change.
> Article from ENS by By Mary Frances Schjonberg, January 20, 2010
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