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E-Mail ThisI think everyone should take note that while Muslims universally deplore in the strongest terms the Swiss vote to ban minarets and the Danish newspaper publishing cartoons that are disrespectful of Mohammed, the entire Muslim world is eerily silent about the discrimination against Christians in Iraq including the destruction of churches and bodily harm and death against Christians which goes unnoticed and unpunished, the refusal of our wonderful ally Egypt to permit the construction of Coptic Christian churches and the constant discrimination which is daily inflicted on Coptic Christians, the fact that in our wonderful and highly esteemed ally Saudi Arabia the practice of Christianity is totally forbidden and can result in imprisonment, the fact that in every Moslem country in the world with the possible exception of the UAE Christians are discriminated against on a daily basis and Christian churches are a constant target, and yet nary a peep out of the governments which purport to be our allies and into which the United States continues to pour a ton of your money and mine.  It is sickening.
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              Despite all efforts, things never improve for the Christians of Iraq. Please keep praying for them. Our operation in France has reached 900 people granted safety in France, all due to religious persecution described in this article. The Chaldean feasts are in our Convocation calendar. Pierre 

              WORLD   | December 31, 2009 
              At War: No Cheer for Iraqi Christians 
              By SAM DAGHER 
              Christians are hoping that 2010 is a better year. 

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