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Dear Friends,


For those of you who might be interested in the status and voice of women
across the Anglican Communion --- read on.


The Provincial Link to IAWN for The Episcopal Church is Phoebe Griswold. I
have been serving on the Steering Group of IAWN for the past three years.


The article explains it all.


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International Anglican Women's Network (IAWN) Meeting Feb 2009


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The International Anglican Women's Network (IAWN) will conduct its first

formal meeting Feb. 22-27, 2009, at the Tutu Center at General

Theological Seminary in New York City.


Building on the strong presence of the IAWN during the 2008 Lambeth

Conference, women representing 26 of the 38 Anglican provinces are

expected. "We will focus on progress or lack thereof toward equality and

empowerment for women in our regions," said Mrs. Priscilla Julie of the

Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean, who chairs the IAWN Steering



"How does our situation measure up against the goals of the Beijing

Platform for Action and Millennium Development Goal #3: to promote

gender equality and empower women?," she said. "Even more important,

what progress has been made on resolution 13-31 of the Anglican

Consultative Council in 2005, which acknowledged the importance of this

MDG goal and requested, inter alia, "all member churches to work toward

the realization of this goal in their structures of governance, and in

other bodies to which they nominate or appoint." (For the full text, see

below or at:




The IAWN will report to the Anglican Consultative Council in May when it

convenes in Kingston, Jamaica.  The report will include activities of

the IAWN in the four years since ACC-13 met in Nottingham, plans for the

future, and recommendations for ACC action. 


During their week together in New York, IAWN representatives will share

their struggles and successes, build on common goals that have been

made, and plan for the future. They will worship, make reports, vote on

new members to the Steering Group and create recommendations for further

action. Some will stay on in New York to attend the 53rd Session of the

UN Commission on the Status of Women as part of the Anglican delegation

organized by the Anglican Observer's Office. That meeting runs from

March 2 to March 13 with the theme of "The equal sharing of

responsibilities between women and men, including caregiving in the

context of HIV/AIDS". http://www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/csw/53sess.htm  


The IAWN was formed in November 1996 following a consultation convened

by the ACC and funded by the Mothers' Union, headquartered in London,

and the United Thank Offering of The Episcopal Church. Women from 14 of

the (then) 32 provinces of the Anglican Communion met in London and

agreed that an International Anglican Women's Network be formed. Its

mandate was to report the work of women and the challenges that they

face to the ACC.  


One of the official Anglican Communion networks

(http://iawn.anglicancommunion.org/index.cfm), the IAWN has had a

remarkable resurgence over the last few years. IAWN started to build

momentum leading up to the 1998 Lambeth Conference, but languished

subsequently. (No funding is provided in the Anglican Communion budget

for networks.) 


In March 2006, the IAWN was re-invigorated at a meeting of Anglican

delegates to the 50th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

(UNCSW) by Archdeacon Taimalelagi Fagamalama Tuatagaloa-Matalavea, the

former Anglican Observer to the United Nations, and Dr. Jenny Plane Te

Paa with support from AWE, Anglican Women's Empowerment. A new structure

was approved, consisting of 38 link representatives (each designated by

the primate of her province) and an eight-member Steering Group (seven

elected and one appointed).


The Episcopal Church is hosting the February meeting, which is being

coordinated by the Steering Group through Ms. Kim Robey, Program Officer

for Women's Ministries and IAWN secretary. "I'm so pleased with the

eager response we have had to the invitations for this meeting," she

said. "I'm excited at the prospect of spending a week with women from

all over the world. It's a tribute to the Anglican Communion's growing

commitment to women that representatives are coming from so many



The Steering Group is comprised of: 


Priscilla Julie                             The Church of the Province

of the Indian Ocean, Convener

Lisbeth Barahona                      Iglesia Anglicana de la Region

Central de America

Esperanza Beleo               The Episcopal Church in the Philippines

Joyce Kariuki                           The Anglican Church in Kenya

Helena Mbele-Mbong             The Episcopal Church of the USA

Alice Medcof                           The Anglican Church of Canada

Meagan Morrison                      The Anglican Church of Australia

Margaret Jones             Mothers' Union appointee, pro tem


Ex-officio members

Jolly Babirukamu                  ACC Standing Committee liaison

Tai Matalavea                           Former Anglican UN Observer

Kim Robey                               Secretariat


The provinces having representatives at the meeting are: Aotearao, NZ,

and Polynesia, Australia, Burundi, Canada, Central Africa, England,

Episcopal Church, Hong Kong, Indian Ocean, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Korea,

Melanesia, Mexico, North India, Pakistan, Philippines, Scotland, South

Africa, Southern Cone, Sudan, Uganda, Wales, West Africa, and West



For more information about IAWN and this meeting, or to arrange press

briefings or interviews, please contact Ms. Kim Robey at 1-800-334-7626,

ext. 5346, or krobey at episcopalchurch.org. 


Resolution ACC 13-31: The 49th Session of the UN Commission on the

Status of Women

The Anglican Consultative Council: 


* receives and adopts the Report of the ACC Provincial Delegation to the

49th UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW), and affirms the work

of the International Anglican Women's Network (IAWN) in responding to

the Beijing Platform for Action and the Millennium Developments Goals

(MDG), thereby carrying forward the full flourishing of God's Creation 

* acknowledges the MDG goal for equal representation of women in

decision making at all levels, and so requests: 

      * the Standing Committee to identify ways in which this goal may

appropriately be adapted for incorporation into the structures of the

Instruments of Unity, and other bodies to which the Anglican

Consultative Council nominates or appoints 

      * all member churches to work towards the realization of this

goal in their own structures of governance, and in other bodies to which

they nominate or appoint 


and to report on progress to ACC-14.


* recommends that a study of the place and role of women in the

structures of the Anglican Communion be undertaken by the Standing

Committee in line with the objects of the ACC "to keep in review the

needs that may arise for further study, and, where necessary, to promote

inquiry and research" 

* requests that each Province give consideration to the establishment of

a women's desk for that Province 

* thanks those Provinces which sent participants to the 49th Session of

UNCSW, and encourages those who did not to review their decision in time

for the 50th Session in 2006 in solidarity with all women of the

Anglican Communion. 



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