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>>> Subject:Update from Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem on Al Ahli  
>>> Hospital, Gaza
>>> Jerusalem: Tuesday, 20 January 2009. Update from the Episcopal  
>>> Diocese of Jerusalem on Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza City
>>> “We are exhausted, but we must begin to resume normal operations  
>>> at Al Ahli Hospital. We must continue the services that the people  
>>> of Gaza expect of Al Ahli. We cannot rest yet.”
>>> With these incredibly unselfish words, Al Ahli Hospital Director,  
>>> Suhaila Tarrazi, described her work in the first days of ceasefire  
>>> in Gaza. Ms. Tarrazi states that the cessation of  
>>> militaryoperations and activityis atremendous relief from the  
>>> recent “nightmare” but that in fact the hospital’s work remains  
>>> very busy. Since the ceasefire began, the hospital has actually  
>>> seen a slight increase in the numbers of patients because many who  
>>> were afraid or unable to come to the hospital before are now able  
>>> to come to receive care.
>>> Bishop Suheil Dawani expresses the feelings of the entire diocesan  
>>> family in praising the Al Ahli Director and Hospital staff for  
>>> their heroism under exceptional circumstances. Many braved  
>>> personal danger in travelling to and from the hospital during the  
>>> conflict. Bishop Suheil stated, "You have demonstrated through  
>>> healing servanthood and tireless teamwork and ministry, not only  
>>> the depth of your personal faith, but a faithfulness that has lit  
>>> a living torch inspiring many across this world with your  
>>> exemplary devotion and disciplined sense of duty."
>>> Bishop Suheil continued, “With the ceasefire, some of the  
>>> hospital's workload is now able to be shared. The segmentation of  
>>> the Gaza Strip has eased so that staff from the southern areas of  
>>> the Gaza Strip have been able to reach the hospital in Gaza City”.
>>> Beginning tomorrow, staff members who have worked non-stop for 3  
>>> weeks will have their first days off to be with their families. In  
>>> addition to a hospital staff restored to near full strength,  
>>> physicians from several countries have been able to come and help  
>>> the exhausted Ahli staff physicians. Five Egyptian physicians  
>>> assisted the hospital for one week, and they will be replaced with  
>>> 3-4 physicians from Jordan. Later, physicians from Turkey are also  
>>> expected when the Jordanians leave. These doctors, mostly  
>>> surgeons, have been of invaluable assistance, but the hospital  
>>> also badly needs the help of extra nurses.
>>> With the ceasefire in place, more aid is coming to the hospital  
>>> from governmental and non-governmental agencies, as the Diocese  
>>> continues to work with partners in providing the necessary  
>>> essentials in medical and material needs for the hospital.
>>> Director Tarrazi states that much effort and time will be needed  
>>> "to restore conditions to normal" at the hospital and in Gaza. The  
>>> hospital began this process almost immediately when it admitted  
>>> patients for elective (i.e., non-emergency) surgeries for the  
>>> first time since the conflict started. Al Ahli will also resume  
>>> its Medical Mission program beginning with patients from Zaytoun,  
>>> an area particularly hard hit by the conflict. In this program, Al  
>>> Ahli brings patients to the hospital for all needed medical,  
>>> social, and rehabilitative services, provides them with milk and  
>>> high-nutrition food biscuits, and then returns them to their homes.
>>> To continue its role as a vital part of the Gaza healthcare  
>>> community, Al Ahli will also resume its programs for elderly women  
>>> and for mammography screening, in addition to the programs now  
>>> required for children with burns and rehabilitative and other  
>>> services needed for injured patients.
>>> During this recovery period, all programs and medicines at the  
>>> hospital will be provided to all patients at no charge. In  
>>> offering these generous services, despite its own deficits, Al  
>>> Ahli Hospital affirms its mission of care for all and its  
>>> commitment to its neighbors and friends in Gaza.
>>> Bishop Suheil cautions that “In the weeks and months ahead, the  
>>> needs of Al Ahli will be great, and equally challenging and  
>>> demanding as the past few weeks as it continues to respond to a  
>>> suffering and devastated community".
>>> For those wishing to help the Diocese in its emergency and ongoing  
>>> support for Al Ahli Hospital with amonetary gift, kindlysend a  
>>> check marked “Preference Gaza Medical Emergency Diocese of  
>>> Jerusalem” to either
>>> Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem
>>> PO Box 19122
>>> Jerusalem 91191,
>>> Israel
>>> Or
>>> DFMS Treasurer
>>> The Episcopal Church
>>> 815 Second Ave
>>> New York, NY 10017
>>> Assistance may also be provided through the Middle East (Gaza)  
>>> Appeal of Episcopal Relief and Development (www.er-d.org) or  
>>> through the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem  
>>> (www.americanfriends-jerusalem.org).
>>> Funds may also be wired directly to the Diocese of Jerusalem to  
>>> the Bethany Branch of the Arab Bank. For further information about  
>>> this method or about Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, contact
>>> J. Harry Gunkel M.D. athealthcare at j-diocese.org
>>> Mobile Phone: 972 (0)52 600 0263
>>> The Rev'd Canon Samir J. Habiby atSpecialassistant.sjh at j-diocese.org
>>>  Mobile Phone: 972 (0)57 246 1016
>>> Health Care Department
>>> The Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem
> Bishop (Mgr) Pierre Whalon
> Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
> 23, avenue George V
> 75008 Paris France
> +33 1 53 23 84 06  (tel)
> +33 1 49 52 96 85 (fax)
> office at tec-europe.org

Bishop (Mgr) Pierre Whalon
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
23, avenue George V
75008 Paris France
+33 1 53 23 84 06  (tel)
+33 1 49 52 96 85 (fax)
office at tec-europe.org

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