[Europe.justus] last night's earthquake

St. Paul's Office office at stpaulsrome.it
Mon Apr 6 11:16:29 GMT 2009

Dear all,
Michael+ has asked me on his behalf to thank all those who have been writing
to ask how we are following the earthquake in L'Aquila last night, which was
felt in Rome; and he asked me to pass on his response to Mary Ellen's email
(see below)
May you all have a blessed Holy Week,
Thanks Mary Ellen ,

It was ' rock and roll' last night and frightening at 3:30 AM when I woke up
to my bed moving and things falling off shelves...... today it brings to
mind that everything beneath our feet remains temporal, uncertain,
perishable ....and yet, ' Christ is Risen ' ...everything above our feet is
eternal, certain, imperishable. Our prayers today like yours are with those
who are displaced, homeless and are grieving the death of loved ones. We're
fine at via Napoli 58.

Thank you for asking. Love and Easter Blessings to you all .


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