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The Society of Archbishop Justus operates a server in London, England and two Internet servers in Fremont, California USA. Our computers host the Anglican-related web sites listed below and numerous others that are not public. We have been doing this for decades, and we are pleased that the world has evolved so that internet service providers are available in every country and province of the Anglican Communion. Our computer services are becoming vestigial, and we like that.

We also host a collection of Anglican-related electronic mailing lists. Most of these are open to public subscription.

The Anglican Communion has 35 provinces and four member churches in more than 165 countries. The Society of Archbishop Justus operates the domain ANGLICAN.ORG; subdomains are delegated to each member church and province and diocese and religious order that is prepared to use them.

Associations, Organisations, and Societies

Anglican Communion primary source materials or reference documents


Religious orders in the Anglican Communion

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