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Thanksgiving for the Word
    Your word is a lantern to our feet
  and a light upon our path.   
    This prayer of thanksgiving may be said
    Blessed are you, Lord our God.
    How sweet are your words to the taste,
    sweeter than honey to the mouth.
    How precious are your commands for our life,
    more than the finest gold in our hands.
    How marvellous is your will for the world,
    unending is your love for the nations.
    Our voices shall sing of your promises
    and our lips declare your praise
    for ever and ever.
    After a suitable introduction, this or another authorized confession and absolution may be used
  O King enthroned on high,
    filling the earth with your glory:
    holy is your name,
    Lord God almighty.
    In our sinfulness we cry to you 
    to take our guilt away,
    and to cleanse our lips to speak your word,
    through Jesus Christ our Lord. 
    May the God of all healing and forgiveness
    draw us to himself,
    and cleanse us from all our sins
    that we may behold the glory of his Son,
    the Word made flesh,
    Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Testimonies may be shared. The Apostles' Creed or an authorized Affirmation of Faith is said at a principal service and may be said on other occasions.
    Intercessions are offered.
    This or another Collect is said
    Almighty God,
    we thank you for the gift of your holy word.
    May it be a lantern to our feet,
    a light upon our paths,
    and a strength to our lives.
    Take us and use us
    to love and serve all people
    in the power of the Holy Spirit
    and in the name of your Son,
    Jesus Christ our Lord.
    The Lord's Prayer is said.
    The service ends either with the Peace or with the following proclamation to the world
    The Word of life which was from the beginning
  we proclaim to you.
    The darkness is passing away
    and the true light is already shining;
  the Word of life which was from the beginning.
    That which we heard, which we saw with our eyes,
    and touched with our hands,
  we proclaim to you.
    For our fellowship is with the Father,
    and with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
  The Word of life, which was from the beginning,
    we proclaim to you.
from 1 John 1
    Let us bless the Lord.
  Thanks be to God.
? The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2000-2004
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