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    Notes to Night Prayer (Compline)
    If it is desired to use an unchanging pattern of psalmody for Night Prayer, the psalms printed in the text are used. However, verses from other psalms may be used instead, particularly if Night Prayer is said daily - Saturday: as set; Sunday: Psalm 104; Monday: Psalm 86; Tuesday: Psalm 143; Wednesday: Psalm 31; Thursday: Psalm 16; Friday: Psalm 139.
    Night Prayer may begin with the Prayer of Thanksgiving from Evening Prayer.
  Gospel Reading 
    On suitable occasions, particularly Saturday night and before other festivals, the Gospel for the following day may be read before the Office.
    When the confession is being used, it may be replaced by another act of penitence. However, all that precedes 'O God, make speed to save us' may be omitted; this is particularly appropriate if Holy Communion has been celebrated in the evening. 
    The Alleluias included in the Easter form of the Responsory are for use from Easter Day until the Day of Pentecost, not at other times.
    The Alleluia following the opening versicles and responses is always used, except in Lent.
  The Conclusion
    The response in square brackets [ ] is normally used only if Holy Communion is to be celebrated the following morning.
    The hymn, the Scripture reading, the refrain to the Gospel Canticle, the Collect and the blessing may change seasonally and on Festivals.
The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2000-2004
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