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    Notes to Orders for Morning
    and Evening Prayer on Sunday
    In the services and the Notes square brackets indicate parts of the service which may be omitted.
  Hymns and Songs
    Hymns and songs may be sung at appropriate points in the service, and metrical paraphrases may be used in place of the biblical canticles.
  Sentences of Scripture
    Alternative sentences of Scripture appropriate to the day or the season may be substituted for those in these orders.
  Principal Services and Principal Holy Days
    An authorized confession and absolution, and the Apostles' Creed or another Creed or authorized Affirmation of Faith, and a sermon, must be included in Morning or Evening Prayer when it is the principal service on a Sunday or Principal Holy Day, but may be omitted at other times.
  Opening Canticle at Morning Prayer
    The following are suitable for use as the opening canticle at Morning Prayer:
Benedicite, A Song of Creation, especially in Ordinary Time;
Jubilate, A Song of Joy, especially in festal seasons;
The Easter Anthems, especially during the Easter season;
Venite, A Song of Triumph, especially during Advent  and Lent.
  Old and New Testament Canticles
    The following are suitable as Old Testament canticles at Morning Prayer and New Testament canticles at Evening Prayer, especially in the seasons indicated:
     Morning           Evening
Advent  A Song of the Wilderness A Song of the Spirit    
Christmas     A Song of the Messiah   A Song of Redemption     
Epiphany   A Song of the New Jerusalem  A Song of Praise          
Lent           A Song of Humility A Song of Christ the Servant
Easter     The Song of Moses and Miriam A Song of Faith            
Pentecost   A Song of Ezekiel            A Song of God's Children   
Ordinary Time   A Song of David    A Song of the Lamb          
  Opening Hymn and Canticle at Evening Prayer
    Phos hilaron (A Song of the Light) is a suitable opening hymn. Verses from either Psalm 104 or Psalm 141 are suitable opening canticles.
  Te Deum
    The canticle Te Deum, A Song of the Church, may be used at Morning or Evening Prayer immediately before the Conclusion.
    In Morning or Evening Prayer, one of the Thanksgivings may follow the sermon or, where a sermon is included in the Thanksgiving, the Gospel canticle. The confession and absolution at the beginning of Morning and Evening Prayer should be omitted where penitence is included in the Thanksgiving for the Word. If the Thanksgiving for the Healing Ministry of the Church is to include anointing, the minister must be authorized for this ministry as required by Canon B 37.
    These should normally be broadly based, expressing a concern for the whole of God's world and the ministry of the whole Church. Nevertheless, where occasion demands, they may be focused on more particular and local needs. Where another service follows immediately, they may be brief.
  Morning and Evening Collects
    If it is desired to use the Morning and Evening Collects, they should not be added after the Collect of the Day, but should be used before the Blessing or other Ending.
  Commemoration of the Resurrection
    The Order for Morning Prayer may be arranged as a commemoration of the resurrection (which is especially appropriate during the Easter season) by the use of the following:
    [Opening Canticle: Benedicite, A Song of Creation]
Psalmody: Psalm 118.14-29
[First Reading: Genesis 1.1-5; Exodus 14.21-31; 1 Corinthians 15.1-8;
     or Colossians 3.1-4]
Old Testament Canticle: The Song of Moses and Miriam
Gospel Reading: Matthew 28.1-10; Mark 16.1-8; Mark 16.9-20;
     Luke 24.1-9; John 20.1-10; John 20.11-18; or John 21.1-14
New Testament Canticle: The Easter Anthems
The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2000-2004
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