To 400: The Roman era.

44 Roman conquest of Britain. Christianity arrives around this time. Glastonbury is inhabited during these years, and old tradition remembers Christians here.
50 Council of Jerusalem. Christianity is a separate religion, not a sect within Judaism.
64 (Italy) Nero's persecution of the church. Peter and Paul executed. Christianity is made illegal.
209 (Probable date) Execution of Alban, the first English martyr. Alban is a Roman soldier who offered shelter to a Christian missionary from Gaul. The place of his martyrdom later becomes St. Alban's.
312 (Italy) Constantine. Christianity becomes the official religion of the Roman Empire. Britons are largely Christianized.
314 Council of Arles. Britain sends three bishops, a priest, and a deacon.
325 Council of Nicea, probably attended by British. The Nicene creed and the council's decisions are accepted in Britain.
360 Julian the Apostate, Roman emperor, attempts to reinstitute paganism. This is openly flouted in Britain. The Mildenhall treasure is buried; it includes three spoons with the Chi-Rho monogram.
370+ Pagan Anglo-Saxons from Germany and Scandinavia begin to occupy Britain without resistance from the passive Britons. (Wales remains unconquered and Christian.) Anglo-Saxon culture characterized by pessimism and an emphasis on courage and hard work.
407 No Roman coins after this date have been found in Britain. The Britons are on their own.
410 The conquest of Britain is greatly accelerated when Britons under Vortigern invite Saxon mercenaries to occupy their country to keep order.

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