Survey of Church History Available
Some of the readers of my Bio series ("Biographical Sketches of memorable Christians of the past") have asked whether there is available on the internet a short, simple, introduction to Church History. I call their attention to a book called Sketches in Church History, by Canon Robertson. The Url address is:

The Canon is a Victorian clergyman of the Church of England, writing for young readers (evidence: he speaks of "pirates," and explains that the word means "sea-robbers"), probably intending his book to be used in connection with a catechism class. He covers the period from 33 AD to 1500 Ad, stopping just short of the Reformation. I assume that there is a sequel, but I have not seen it. In presenting the various disputes that have occurred in the Church from time to time, the author never hesitates to tell his readers which side is right and which is wrong. (Hint: the closer we get to 1500, the likelier the Pope is to be wrong.) However, he seems to have his facts straight. If anyone finds factual errors, please let me know. (Letting the author know is another matter.)

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