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The Book of Common Prayer in Armenian


The 1662 Book of Common Prayer was first published by the S. P. C. K. in 1847. This translation was begun by by Reginald Heber, Anglican Bishop of Calcutta, and completed by Nerses Lazarian, an Armenian priest in Constantinople, and Horatio Southgate, an American Episcopal missionary bishop to Turkey.

The edition presented here is a revision of the 1847 edition made by C. P. H. Rieu, professor of Arabic at University College, London, and published, also by the S. P. C. K., in 1867. Pagination is the same as in the 1847 edition. This edition appears as 9:2 in David Griffiths' Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer.

The Armenian language has two forms, Western and Eastern. The Eastern form is used primarily in Armenia and adjacent Georgia and Iran, while the Western form is used mainly in Turkey and by the Armenian diaspora. They are generally mutually intelligible. Since the Armenian Genocide, there are now few speakers of Western Armenian in Turkey, and, since it is not an official language in any country, its use is steadily decreasing. At the time this translation was made, the Western form was more dominant; today it is the Eastern.

The translation presented here is in Western Armenian. It consists of the entire 1662 Book of Common Prayer and is entirely in Armenian using the Armenian alphabet, as may be seen on the Title Page at right. It is presented as PDF graphics; there is no extractable text, as OCR was not successful, likely due to the older font used.

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