Issue No 5Thursday 23 July 1998
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Compass Rose Society to raise $10 million
by Bob Libby

The newly formed Compass Rose Society--a spiritual, consultative and financial support group for the Anglican Communion--intends to raise $10 million by the year 2000. The money will be used to support the Archbishop of Canterbury in his role as spiritual leader of the world's 73 million Anglicans and to e
The Rt Revd Frank Cerveny
stablish an endowment to empower the Communion to respond to crises wherever they may be. The cost of membership is $10,000 for individuals, dioceses or congregations.

Behind the work of the Compass Rose Society is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey; the Secretary General, Canon John Peterson; and the retired Bishop of
Florida, Frank Cerveny, who serves as president but points out that the Society is basically a lay movement. "Lay people who hear the story of the Anglican Communion are excited about it,'' Bishop Cerveny says. "When they visit and see the mission and ministry that is going Compass Rose Society to raise $10 million on in the provinces, they are anxious to help.''

The original 70 Compass Rose members met with Dr Carey at Lambeth Palace in May last year. Since then the number of individual members has almost tripled; 15 dioceses have signed on and two chapters have formed; and $800,000 has been raised or pledged. A post-Lambeth conference is scheduled between Dr Carey and Compass Rose members for October 6-7. "I expect there will be an opportunity to reflect on Lambeth and for the Archbishop to receive suggestions from individuals with broad global experience,'' Bishop Cerveny says. "Then we will go to Ireland and receive a briefing on the peace process from Archbishop Eames.'' The Society has a booth in the Market Place Marquee. Bishop Cerveny reports great interest and is scheduling meetings with bishops this week.

Also at the Marquee is a new hybrid potted plant. You guessed it:
the Compass Rose.

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