[RivCompanions] Prayer request for Lent

Sherry White sherrygwhite8 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 01:32:37 UTC 2015

Dear Rivendell Family,

My heart is very uncomfortable, perhaps bleeding, for both close to home needs and for
the world situation as I understand it.  I have appreciated very much all the needs for prayer
that you all have brought forward, recognizing even more that we are needed as a praying 
community  My personal requests have to do with peace and safety for millions of Christians and Jews, and also for the Muslims who do not align themselves with the members of their
faith who take such an unholy and hateful expression of a way to live.  I ask for the Light of Christ
to shine brightly  to guide us in our thinking and praying, to show the world a clear difference
in groups of terrorists and other armed people so that governments can successfully preempt
the attacks, catch terrorists and remove such terrorists from the shores of peace-loving nations, send them home or put them in jail to stop them.  

Further I seek your prayers for the loss of three much-loved friends in the last three weeks,
people I look to as an example, people who were very open about their journey with God.
Their families and parish is grieving.  Further still another dear friend is now in the big Methodist
hospital with a serious condition brought on by her out-of-control diabetes and other mediations
she took for other problems. I pray for her healing, her family's coming very close at this time, and for her to be open to receive help from all of us who love her so dearly. (Fr. Mike-this is
about Dianne Kilgus).

Thank you for your prayers, my family.  What a great love God demonstrates to me when I
hear all of us being challenged to pray so seriously:  He must love these people --and US
very much to entrust this gift of prayer to us.

Peace be with you all,

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