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> Dear All,
> This is going only to the professed voting members (I think) plus Bp
> Barry, who is interested in what we are doing.
> The consensus seems to be that we should buy the new Kabota tractor.  I've
> been in to the dealer again this morning and talked with Tim Vaughn who
> seems to be the one person who isn't trying to sell me the biggest, best
> tractor, and who is friendly in our small town way, answers all my
> questions, and is just a nice guy.
> Oh, by the way, I had a brain phart when I gave you all the first quote on
> the L4600.  It is actually $24,860 after the $1000 cash discount. I
> subtracted rather than added. <blush>
> So, the L3800 is a bit smaller in horse power and it comes with a 5' front
> loader rather than a 6'.  It will still do the work we need.  Powerful
> enough to grade the lane of all the pot holes and ruts.  It will pull a 6'
> brush hog and it does not have cruise control.
> The L3800 seems to be just right for our needs and the cost, tax-exempt
> and with the cash discount is $20,945.00.  That's a significant difference!
> I propose we purchase the L3800 taking an internal loan from the
> Development account, repaying it over five years as if we were getting
> financing from Quarles Kabota. We could include the $1,000 discount as
> interest.  That would be a monthly payment to ourselves of $365.75. Of
> course, if anyone wants to pay into it that would help.
> If you remember from the financial report (I didn't, why would you?) we
> have an outstanding loan balance for the cottages of $53,883.52, although
> that doesn't include the June payment. There is also an outstanding loan
> balance of $5200 on loan B.  We will have a balance in the Development
> account of $15,121.00 after taking the $20,945.
> *My motion is to buy the Kabota L3800 at a cost of $20,945.00 using the
> Development account funds, to be repaid monthly over 5 years at $365.75 per
> month.  *
> We are desperate now that we've had rain to get working!  Please vote ASAP
> by replying to this email. Please do not reply to me personally.  The whole
> Community of professed members should see the vote.
> Much love,
> Susie
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