[RivCompanions] Sherry's reflections

Virginia Brown mothervirginiadb at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 14:42:57 UTC 2014

Dear Companions,

I just read Sherry's lovely reflections and wrote her a brief note.  She is
a gift indeed.

But I'm puzzled about how it arrived:  It appears to have been sent on this
infrequently-used list for professed Companions, distinct from the general
Rivendell list which includes Professed, Novices and Postulants.  We use
this list occasionally for discussing some matter which might eventually
involve a vote by Companions, for instance.

So, how is it that Sherry accessed this list rather than the regular
Rivendell one?  This could, perhaps, have happened if someone sent
correspondence on it and copied Sherry, I suppose?  Pepper, dear, would you
mind checking the RivCompanions list and make sure it's current?

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