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Virginia Brown mothervirginiadb at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 15:13:25 UTC 2014

Dear Noel,

My own sense is that having a written report/recommendation briefly giving
the status of each postulant and novice, along with a recommendation for
this coming year (e.g., postulancy successfully completed; "advance" to
Novitiate, continue as a Postulant, etc.), plus your verbal report,
observations and any further recommendations in a Companions session, would
be great.  The latter verbal report could include general recommendations
and requests regarding the formation process as well as observations about
those involved.

What do others think?

You've done truly outstanding work this year, and I'm grateful and
appreciative indeed.


On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 4:23 PM, Noel Schwartz <nschwrtz at aol.com> wrote:

>  Dear Companions,
> Happy Easter! I have loved the recollections of past and present Holy Week
> adventures.
> I would like to report to you again on formation, but I am wondering what
> the best format would be. My report from January 28th was quite lengthy,
> and I really got very little feedback from you all.  It is attached if you
> need it.  Is there a better way for me to share?  With 13 people in
> formation, I literally have hundreds of pages of their responses to Study
> Guide and emails, etc.  I cannot figure out how to condense this best.
>    - Would it be better to get the report orally at General Chapter along
>    with a written official report for the records at that time?
>    - Would you like a more detailed report in advance?  I am attaching a
>    document that describes some of the retreat in March in Houston.
>    - Would you just like to know the status of all those in the process?
>    - Is there anything in particular that you are expecting from me?
> I would like to get a brief report from each chapter (Bethel/Lisa and
> Emmaus/Murray) on the formation that has taken place at those locations,
> and the recommendations from those chapters as to the next steps for the
> postulants/novices affiliated with those chapters.  The Memphis folks in
> formation do not feel that they have completed a full year of postulancy
> and are definitely meeting more often and able to go deeper into the
> materials and their relationships are closer as they have Saturday evenings
> to spend together.  They request (Murray can maybe share a bit more about
> this) to continue as postulants. I would be perfectly comfortable with
> their becoming novices; however, they clearly are being respectful of the
> process and their own understanding of discernment.
> The Houston folks are "assigned" to the Bethel Chapter officially, but
> since mostly Virginia and I have been working with them, I hope that Bethel
> will accept our recommendations for those people.  (Martha and Mike would
> become 2nd year novices and Sherry and Ladelle who are coming to GC would
> become 1st year novices, and Paulette and Mary Ann would remain as
> postulants.  Paulette will, hopefully, be able to re-engage in the process
> this year after Iona graduation.  Mary Ann needs more time and is not
> attending GC.)
> Am trying to keep in close touch with all of the people in formation.
> Please be thinking about your own level of potential participation next
> year as we will continue to have 13 people continuing in formation.  We
> need to come up with a process for mentoring novices more one on one as
> they have unique situations and cannot be grouped together so
> easily....this was true of postulants as well.
> Thanks for listening again to another lengthy email....peace and love,
> Noel
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