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Susie Danielsson susiedanielsson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 00:58:19 UTC 2013

Our friend, The Rev. Tobias Haller, BSG, has graciously done a rendering of
our own Blessed Fregory of Nyssa. I could only print it out on 4x6 paper
because of the pixels. But, Fregory probably doesn't deserve a full size

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From: Tobias Haller BSG <bsg at earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 5:46 PM
Subject: Re: a favor
To: Susie Danielsson <susiedanielsson at gmail.com>

 I have managed to capture The Martyrdom of Blessed Fregory of Nyssa
(Self-Portrait with Beard and Handkerchief) and am sending it to you
forthwith! Please feel free to print out on a color copier and mount as
Here he is...
*Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG*
*+Soli Deo Gloria+*
On 11/10/2013 2:40 PM, Susie Danielsson wrote:

  Dear Tobias,
 The Rivendell Community has a special saint for March 9 that resulted
after a typo on the calendar.  Blessed Fregory of Nyssa, who was either a
brother or cousin of Gregory of Nyssa.  I've attached the background
information.  We were wondering if in your spare time you might render a
likeness of Blessed Fregory for our icon wall?

 It wouldn't have to be fancy, just suitable for simple framing.  We are
even thinking of submitting a proposal to the committee on Holy Women Holy
Men.  Whadda ya think?

 Blessings to you.

 Susie Danielsson
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