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> From: Christine Gilson <chrisgilson at mac.com>
> Date: June 20, 2013 4:53:57 PM CDT
> To: Noel Schwartz <nschwrtz at aol.com>
> Subject: Re: [RivCompanions] Formation Assistance
> I will have to think about the books.  I'd be willing to work on  
> either A, or B, or D as you need me.
> Christine
> On Jun 20, 2013, at 3:20 PM, Noel Schwartz wrote:
>> As we discussed at General Chapter, the formation process for  
>> current postulants who all are in Texas will be a bit different  
>> from the past where we may have had a one-on-one relationship with  
>> companion and posutlant working through the study guide together.   
>> I am beginning to formulate some ideas and am certainly open to  
>> your suggestions and feedback to what will be proposed.  For now,  
>> what I would love to have (even if you've already told me or  
>> submitted information last year) are the following:
>> 1. Which unit(s) in the Study Guide would you like to work on with  
>> postulants.....
>> A - Rhythms of Sacred Time and the Daily Office
>> B - Our Story and The Story: The Rivendell Motif and the Journey
>> C - Eucharistic Living
>> D - Deepening Our Life of Prayer
>> E - Hospitality and Community
>> F - Central Intentions
>> 2. What readings (books) outside the Study Guide do you feel are  
>> "mandatory" reading for community membership.....sort these by Unit.
>> 3. What readings were especially instrumental in your formation  
>> that you would also recommend but not "require"....also by Unit or  
>> if not related to a particular unit....just list "general".....I am  
>> realizing that the volume of these is excessive for me, so a  
>> representative group is fine.
>> Please do this within the next week.  We would love to have a  
>> process outlined prior to Virginia's visit to Texas the first week  
>> of August. Send your response to "reply all" to this list so we are  
>> all in the loop.
>> Am assuming that the first discussion topics with postulants are  
>> going to revolve around the logistics of their gatherings to begin  
>> community formation and the Goals for Formation as are described in  
>> the Postulancy, Novitiate and Profession Appendices A and B (which  
>> may require some updating) and the Vision and Mission of the  
>> Rivendell Community (Appendix C).
>> If you hear from me more than you want to as I brainstorm about our  
>> new challenge and opportunity, I am sorry, but it would really be  
>> great if we could do this together.  I feel a bit inadequate to  
>> tackle this, but knowing your strengths and trusting God to be  
>> there with us, I am forging ahead.  I am including Michael and  
>> David in this communication (and hoping that the Rivendell  
>> Companions list serve is up to date) because they have the most  
>> recent experience with Study Guide formation and will have some  
>> insights from their perspective that will be very helpful.
>> It is so amazing to be involved with the beginnings of St. Macarius  
>> Community here and to listen to their experiences and their  
>> planning and to feel every now and then that I might have a  
>> perspective that would be helpful to them.  They keep us in their  
>> prayers as I hope you will them.
>> Virginia, if there are any changes in the Study Guide that I might  
>> not have, would you send me a new one.  I should have thought of  
>> this while I was there.
>> Many blessings and much love,
>> Noel
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