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Susie Danielsson susiedanielsson at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 00:34:38 UTC 2012

Dear Companions,

It appears that Ernst has had a series of TIAs (mini-strokes).  He has
weakness on his left (dominate) side and has had episodes of confusion,
bordering on dementia.  We went to his primary MD this morning, an
internist who he has been seeing for some 30 years.  He agreed with my
observations and has scheduled an MRI and head/neck angiogram for Thursday,
Nov 1.  In addition, Ernst has had a bad recurrence of his psychosomatic
discomfort in his belly.  He can't do anything much, including cut his meat
or button his shirts.  He is forgetful, but is still basically in his right
mind.  He is miserable!

Pray for all of us as we deal with this illness.

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