[Gselections2015] Deanery Synod Elections - Campaign Pack and Poster

STEPHEN FRANCE revfrance at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 4 12:56:31 UTC 2014

 Please find attached the campaign pack and poster (which you may already have received by another mailing) and the email I have sent by diocese as below.

Many thanks


General Synod 2015 Campaign
Phase 1 – Deanery Synod Elections Spring 2014
I am writing to key contacts we have identified
in every diocese to let them know that I am trying to coordinate a campaign to
increase inclusive representation on the General Synod 2015.  If you are the only person listed in this
email then that’s because we only have one contact person for your diocese.
I am sure that you will agree that the key to
achieving change in the membership of the General Synod 2015 is to have in
place this year the key voters in each and every deanery.  So this is where the Campaign needs to start
and for that we need your help to get the message out by forwarding on the
campaign pack to people you know who would be interested.   
If you feel that you have received this email in
error then I apologise.  If you need to
update me with a better contact I would be very grateful if you could let me
know by reply.
I am attaching a Deanery Synod Elections 2014 –
Campaign Pack which sets out:
	* What General Synod 2015 Campaign stands for and
who we seek to represent
	* Why wider representation is needed on the General
Synod especially in the laity
	* The vital connection Deanery Synod members have
in the process of electing the General Synod members
	* Practical information relating to the election of
deanery synod members
I am also attaching a one page poster which gives
a summary.
In February we are aiming to produce a number of
stories to encourage local individuals to stand for election by their own
PCCs.  We shall also be launching an
initiative to encourage everyone to contact at least three people during Lent
and ask them directly to stand for their deanery synods.
How you can help?
	* Please let us know if you are not the best
contact for your diocese so that we can update our records
	* Please let us know if you have good deanery people/stories
which would help us encourage others to stand 
	* Forward on this pack and poster to people known
to you – so that the message can be spread
Many thanks
Revd Stephen France
General Synod 2015 Campaign - National

Revd Fr Stephen France SCP
Rector of Brondesbury
46 The Avenue
Tel: 0208 451 1263
E: revfrance at btinternet.com
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