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Dear all

I'm now attaching for your information, comment and action

1)  A project proposal for the 2015 Synod Campaign. This is, Simon and I hope, in a format which can be forwarded to Trustees and Committee members. As you know, we have promises so far of about £8,000. It would be very good if this could be increased to around £15,000.  

2)  A Synod Campaign Coordination project invitation. We have structured this on a consultancy basis, for 20 days early next year and 20 days in 2015, at £250/day.  We think that this should be enough for us to attract someone with the necessary skills. QUESTION - do you think two batches of 20 days each is enough?  Clearly the more money we have the more days we can include. And is £250/day about right?

As you know, the next meeting is on Saturday December 7th at 1 pm for lunch with IC Trustees followed by the meeting  at 1.30. I hope we can get this signed off at the meeting so that we can proceed to employment as soon as possible, in time for Deanery Synod elections in the spring of 2014. 

If however we can agree this by email before, we'd have more time to get on with finding someone. So your comments would be appreciated. 

As ever - 


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Canon Giles Goddard
St John's w. St Andrew's, Waterloo

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