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Reverend Alan reverend.alan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 21:00:21 UTC 2013

We have said that our aim is to get a synod with a 2/3 majority for inclusive issues.

Are we intending to achieve that by the same means as the conservatives? – eg “I support traditional marriage”  meaning in fact it is so good LGBT people should be able to benefit from it too!  Or is our aim for a representative synod on the assumption that that will be more inclusive?

The reason that I ask is that if our aim is the second then I think we have a second string to our bow which is to develop a series of carefully worded questions and encourage all those standing for synod to provide answers on their manifestos.  If we can gain support for this from a number of organisations across the spectrum then those who refuse to answer will stand out like a sore thumb.  

This second string would also be a campaign which matches the Covenant profile better – who could think that a more representative synod is a bad thing, and we would quite probably get widespread support.  It would also make it easier to tell our supporters which answers to look for.

Alan Crawley

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