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Thanks Giles I will come to one but will let you know nearer the time. Rob is feeding bac to WATCH so lets wait and see what the outcome is. It is vitally important that we keep each other in the loop and do not duplicate or get crossed wires. Have you spoken to Churchmouse who is keen to get some organisation up and running? WE need to make sure he is kept in the loop too.  I am off tomorrow so I shan't be replying to any more emails re this. Will try and do lots whenI am back. Sally 

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Dear everyone,  

Further to the discussion at the Partnership Day, IC's board have now agreed to that IC is very happy to coordinate the campaign for the General Synod elections 2015, as requested by partners present.  Good news, and we're getting on with it.  

Modern Church and Jean Mayland and Leslie Crawley, all of whom were very involved in the No Anglican Covenant campaign, have agreed to come on board. Thank you!

I understand that WATCH may be doing their own thing alongside us all, but we will all stay in close contact with each other.

Therefore, 2 things.

One is to encourage you to ensure that your membership is aware RIGHT NOW of the importance of the Electoral Roll revision which is taking place as we speak. The electoral roll elects the PCC and Deanery Synod Reps, and of course Deanery Synod reps elect the House of Laity. So it's vital to have the right people on.  Here are two leaflets for immediate circulation to your membership/mailing list, if that's helpful to you - 

Secondly I'd like to invite you to a meeting, here at St John's Waterloo,  to agree roles and responsibilities for the wider campaign, both in terms of Deanery Synod and General Synod.  If your organisation doesn't wish to be part of this, let me know and I'll take you off the circulation list.  But if you'd like to be involved, could you let me know your availability for the following dates?

Tuesday 16th April at 11 a.m
Wednesday 17th April at 11 a.m.
Thursday 18th April at 2 pm
Saturday 20th April at 11 a.m.

I think we don't need more than one delegate per organisation unless you'd like to send more...

Here's a Road Map towards the 2015 elections, too.  

Thanks all!


Canon Giles Goddard
St John with St Andrew, Waterloo
07762 373 674
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