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From: Jean Mayland 
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 4:37 PM
To: Claire Turner 
Subject: Re: WATCH branches

Dear Claire,

Thanks very much for this. Sally and Giles Goddard asked me if I would help co ordinated some action as I did over the Covenant. I said that I would do all I could but some days my back is so bad I cannot use the Computer- other days it is fine!

I also said that in the case of the Covenant I got 2 contact people in each Diocese who would try too ensure that papers were sent out putting the case against the Covenant as well as in favour. Jonathan Clatworthy of MC and retired Bishop of Worcester  wrote sample papers against and we also prepared 10 reasons for rejecting the Covenant. It took ages to recruit 2 contact people in each diocese as I had to work from the GS list of those who had voted against it in the past! In some Diocese I got no one and so had to appeal to the Chairs of the Diocesan Synods to be fair- many were.

I said that I would not be able to do anything about electoral roles and would leave that to WATCH and INCLUSIVE CHURCH.

I sad that  I would try to get 2 contact people in each Diocese who would

1) contact all parishes  to get them to realise how important was the election of  Deanery Synod reps in 2014

2) contact all Deanery Synod members about elections to the Diocesan Synod in 2015 and the elections to General Synod also in 2015

Inclusive Church has already produced some sample material to send out and I attach for you a copy of one . They recognised that the most pressing issue was that of Women Bishops but wanted opportunities for gay people to be raised as well. This should be easier as we do have  basic list!

I thought that we should have one WATCH and one IC person in each Diocese but I am told that IC only have 8 Diocesan contacts so it locks as if WATCH will bear the brunt though Bob Callaghan    will work with me in trying to get more IC reps

As you will have to contact them on a variety of issues it may be best if I do so over the elections. I will certainly keep you in the picture though and will point out to them and you  all useful material especially  from WATCH and IC.

I would be very grateful to receive from you as soon as you can a list of Diocesan contacts with e mails

When we were working on the Covenant we found it best to keep all the group informed as much as possible.Simon Sarmiento is preparing an e mail group so that we can all keep in touch.I will send his first list to you. If you like I can ask him to add you to the list so you are kept in the picture.I am sure we would all find that useful if you agree. 

all best wishes

From: Claire Turner
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 1:51 PM
To: jeanmayland at btinternet.com 
Subject: WATCH branches

Hi Jean 

Lillalou said you'd like a list of WATCH branch contacts in order to send some stuff out re elections ... I'm looking after the branch stuff at the moment, hence I'm replying.

I've recently sent out some stuff about getting people on the electoral roll in order that the pool of people able to stand for deanery synod and therefore vote in GS elections is as big as possible (WATCH London produced the attached and they've had that).  If you want to distribute more information, is it easier for you to send it to me for distribution?  If so, happy to do that - if you want to send it directly, I need to make the list of contacts into something a little more coherent before I pass it on which is one of those jobs that keeps slipping down the list ...


Rev'd Claire Turner 
Curate, Wednesfield Team Ministry
St Thomas' Church

01902 238485



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