[Gselections2015] General Synod Elections 2015 mailing list

Simon Sarmiento ss at justus.anglican.org
Sat Feb 23 12:51:46 UTC 2013

The email list is now set up with the following membership

Simon Sarmiento <ss at justus.anglican.org>
Peter Owen <peter at justus.anglican.org>
Giles Goddard <gileswgoddard at gmail.com>
Rachel Beck <rgbeck at btinternet.com>
Bob Callaghan <bob.callaghan at inclusive-church.org.uk>
Clare Herbert <herbert.clare at googlemail.com>
Sally Barnes <sally.barnes3 at btopenworld.com>
Jonathan Clatworthy <jonathan at clatworthy.org>
Jean Mayland <jeanmayland at btinternet.com>
Alan Crawley <reverend.alan at gmail.com>
Lesley Crawley <revdlesley at gmail.com>

At present, Simon and Peter are list administrators and either of us can add new members, delete existing members, etc. etc.
We can give similar rights to others as necessary.


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