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Bahemuka William mugenyiwilliam at yahoo.com
Sam 3 Mar 14:55:43 GMT 2012

Dear brothers and sisters,
I left Bunia Friday 24 February for Boga. Two events were worrying the community in Ituri. The Marabo brigade was threatening to desert the national army. The result was that the brigade was to be pulled out and sent for refresh training. At the same time, the Lendu militia led by Cobra Matata decided to leave the bush. I was informed by Archdeacon Badudu of Bukiringi that the militia are settled in Bukiringi and ready for negociation with the government. It was safe for me to travel from Bunia to Boga trough Bukiringi. Arrived at Sorodo, a few miles from Bukiringi I was stoped by a few armed militia. They only asked for some assistance for cigarettes, salt and so on. I gave them some 4500 Francs, equivalents to U$ 5. They told me they are waiting for talks with the government. I noticed that with time, they will be a threat to the population, if they have no food. Last Tuesday, the Archdeacon came to see me in Boga and said the govermnent is slow and
 nothing is yet concluded. I called Hon Tibasiima John, Hon Upira, national minister of Public Services, General Amuli Deputy Chief of stuff in charge of operation and told them about the matter. I haven't got any positive response. Today, the Archdeacon called to tell me that the population that has not got enough food stock is under serious threat with the hungry men. Bukiringi, that is 15 miles from Boga, had its population living in IDP camps for years. To ask them feed a thousand militia is too much. And Boga may also face the consequences.
Please, I humbly request you to advocate, pleade and if possoble help the population of Bukiringi before the situation goes beyond control. 
Rt Rev William Bahemuka Mugenyi
Diocese of Boga
The Province of the Anglican Church of Congo
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