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Friday, November 19, 2010

Rucyahana urges leaders to value unity, reconciliation By Eugene Mutara 


Some of the church leaders who attended the annual retreat (Photo; S. Nkurunziza) 

KIGALI - The president of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), Bishop John Rucyahana, has called upon Rwandan leaders to value unity and reconciliation drives so as to guarantee the country a better destiny.
Rucyahana was yesterday addressing religious leaders who gathered in Remera, Kigali, to prepare for the Unity and Reconciliation Week scheduled to begin on December 7.
“Unity and reconciliation is an obligation, it is a calling. It is a noble cause of changing and transforming a country as the calling from God. This is our mission. There is potential that God has placed in your hands,” Rucyahana said.
Rucyahana challenged religious leaders to work with conviction so as to realize sustainable unity and reconciliation in the country.
“First of all, unity and reconciliation is something you cannot neglect; it is something you have to immerse yourself into so as to bring life in this country. When a person is sick, he or she work like a sick person, so we need to work towards healing the Rwandan society”. 
He asked religious leaders to take the first step in telling the truth in order to encourage positive testimonies.
Rucyahana said it was a religious leader’s’ role to build a unified society where every citizen works towards national transformation. 
“We need leadership that has love for people we lead, unity based on God’s love. We cannot afford to neglect the healing needed because we would be risking going back to where we came from,” he added.

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