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Sam 8 Mai 05:25:27 GMT 2010

Dear Stephen,
I thank God for everything and thank your for your prayers. I am committed to work in collaboration with all the partners in Christ's mission. One thing I remember about CMS is the meeting we had in Kampala in 1999 ( Ranch on the lake) where Tim Dakin was appointed General Secretary. He knelt and received the blessing of all of us. I was not yet ordained and attendend that meeting on replacement of late sister Nyangoma who was sick. I also kneel to receive the blessings  from all the servants of God. God willing, my consecration is suggested to be on 15 August. You will have confirmation from the Archbishop. 
Rev. William

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> Date: Friday, May 7, 2010, 1:59 AM
> Dear Rev William
> Many greetings
> Please accept my congratulations and that of CMS on your
> election as Bishop of Boga, confirmed by the House of
> Bishops meeting. I hope that we may build and strengthen our
> friendship and partnership in the Gospel.
> Thanks for the story of your nomination and election, very
> humbling and a good example to us all.
> With Blessings
> Yours sincerely in Christ
> Stephen
> Stephen Burgess
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> Subject: Bishop elect
> I humbly inform you that I am elected Bishop of the Diocese
> of Boga, in the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo. As
> we wait for the final decision of the House of Bishops
> starting tomorrow, attached is the description of the
> electoral process. I need your prayers!
> Rev. William
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