[Francophones] Bishop Bahati attacked by militas during the night

Bahemuka William mugenyiwilliam at yahoo.com
Ven 9 Avr 17:46:37 GMT 2010

Dear Bishop,
It is really sad to hear about what has happened to you and your family. During the trauma conference in Bukavu 9-22 March, very many people complained about armed robbery. We pray that God  will help it be stopped and peace restored in Bukavu.

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Subject: Bishop Bahati attacked by militas during the night
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Date: Friday, April 9, 2010, 10:16 AM

Dear rothers and Sisters,
Receve ur greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord.
Please, find the message wrote by Revd Muhindo Matabaro Jean Paul, one of the priests f ukavu Diocese talking about the attack we have got last night.
Yours sincerely,
Bishop of Bukavu diocese
Bishop Bahati attacked by militas during the night
This night of thursday 8th to friday 9th April 2010 at 1h00, a group of unknown militias with their guns in hands hve forced the doors and entered the residence of Rt Revd  Bahati Bali-Busane syvestre, Bishop of Bukavu Diocese since decedmer 2006.
Having oung and hit the watch man Mr Bahizire Lubala , these undesired visitrs have acceded to the bed room of Amani Busane, the first born of the Bishp, they tied him and commanded him to conduct them where was the room of the Bishop. fearing to be shortdead, the young man has done what they wanted.
Surprisingly, Bishop Bahati has seen a team of 5 peple with guns getting int his ed room, terrifying him with her madam Veneranda Nyota Bahati. " We have been paid US$20, 000 by some people sending us to assassinate the Anglican bishop f bukavu Diocese", they said.
Being seriously depressed, the Bishop has presented his excuse asking them to not kill him; but the militias have asked him to give them money and the Bishop did so. in addition, they looted the prperties found in the house : wearings, computers, televion, DVDplayers,  mobile phones, utensiles, ... and get out the house at 2h15.
It is so sorry to a such attack against the bishops' Residence in Bukavu while he is preparing his trip to Bunia for a meeting of the bishops (College des Eveques) that will happen from 10th to 12th 2010.
In fact, Bishop Bahati isn't the first victim nor the first Church leader to be attacked in this manner in this area.
On November 2009, the Roman Catholic Church of Kabare has lost 1 Priest, 1 Sister and 2 lay people in a attack like this. Daily, there is mourning and sorrows in the communities of South kivu and North kivu provinces because of killings and loting by either Interahamwe or unknow people. This causes displacement of many people ; they leave their and go to live far away looking for safety.
Theirfore, we would request to our loca leaders, our polical authorities and the MONUC to find a way to recover peace and security definitevey in North and South Kivu provinces in particular and in the whole country D.R. Congo in general.
We also request to our rothers and sisters who will read this sad news to pray for Bishop Bahatis' family  and the diocese of Bukavu who are often victims of atrocities from the militias. May GOD give them peace and provide to their need of peace and physical supplies.
                  (Rvd MUHINDO MATABARO Jean-Paul)


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