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Friday, 27th November 2009

    Uganda refutes claims of supporting FDLR 

    KIGALI -
A top Ugandan army official Thursday strongly refuted allegations in
the explosive report from a UN group of experts which cites Uganda as a
transit route for FDLR weapons and recruits.  The report says
the rebels have been recruiting massively from Rwandan refugee camps in
Uganda, particularly in Nakivale and Kyaka II camps, “under the noses
of the Ugandan military which is supposed to have been preventing
this.”  Uganda army (UPDF) and defence spokesperson, Lt. Col
Felix Kulayigye, told The New Times that the claims have ‘no speck of
truth’ but noted that investigations into the matter would be launched
to bring things to light. “It is absolute nonsense – we as the
UPDF are well known to be behind Rwanda in fighting Interahamwe or
FDLR. We would be the last people to support Interahamwe,” Kulayigye
said, adding that his country supports the Rwandan government’s efforts
in repatriating the refugees. He pointed an accusing finger at
the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, saying: “The UNHCR should tell us –
they are in charge of these camps, there is no military presence in the
camps.” The FDLR is an outfit that operates in the eastern DRC
and it is mainly composed of elements responsible for the 1994 Genocide
against Tutsi.  The report details a vast international network
that allegedly includes Spanish charities, Ukrainian arms dealers,
corrupt African officials and even secret North Korean weapons
shipments.  It also names neighbours Burundi and Tanzania as having
dealings with FDLR. Rwanda army spokesperson Maj. Jill
Rutaremara declined to comment on the allegations against the country’s
neighbours, referring this reporter to the implicated countries because
as he said, “they are the ones in position to clarify on what they are
allegedly doing.” Ends

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