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> Objet : ACNS4607 Resolutions of ACC-14 from 5th May
> Resolutions of ACC-14 from 5th May
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> International Anglican Family Network
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> The ACC affirms the value of International Anglican Family Network's
> work to the Communion, particularly the publication of their
> newsletters, welcomes the network's proposal to hold a third regional
> consultation on family issues in Oceania in 2010  and urges  
> Provinces to
> support this proposal in every way they can.
> Le Réseau francophone de la Communion anglicane/
> Resolution of the Francophone Network of the Anglican Communion
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> (en français)
> Le Conseil Consultatif Anglican demande au Comité Ad Hoc d'explorer  
> les
> moyens d'encourager la traduction de travaux théologiques anglicans
> fondamentaux dans des langues autres que l'anglais ainsi que leur
> dissémination, de même que de soutenir la formation de professeurs  
> pour
> les collèges théologiques de ces provinces et diocèses dont la langue
> nationale est autre que l'anglais.
> (in English)
> The ACC requests the JSC to explore ways of encouraging the  
> translation
> of basic Anglican theological works into languages other than English,
> and their dissemination, as well as supporting the formation of  
> teachers
> for the theological colleges of those provinces and dioceses whose
> national language is other than English.
> Anglican Health Network
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> The ACC
> (a)     welcomes the establishment of the Anglican Health Network as  
> an
> official Network of the Anglican Communion
> (b) commends the objectives of the Network to the Provinces.
> Anglican Indigenous Network
> Resolved. 05.05.09
> The ACC:
> (a) asks those member Churches whose governments have not yet signed
> the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to
> encourage their governments to become signatories;
> (b)    asks that, where there exist indigenous people who are
> minorities, member churches cooperate with indigenous Anglican leaders
> to ensure the provision of theological education and ministry training
> at all levels that takes account of indigenous cultural contexts and
> traditions;
> (c) calls upon member Churches to value, honour and incorporate the
> wisdom of the elders of indigenous peoples in their midst in efforts  
> to
> address global climate change and the sustainability of creation;
> (d) recognizes the on-going disastrous effects that colonialism has
> had on indigenous peoples and their families and calls on member
> Churches, where there exists indigenous people who are minorities, to
> take appropriate and necessary steps to assist the healing of  
> indigenous
> families, including the protection of women and children from violence
> and human trafficking.
> References
>        United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous
> Peoples:  (http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/en/drip.html )
> Anglican Communion Legal Advisers' Network
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> The ACC
> (a) thanks the Anglican Communion Legal Advisers' Network for the
> work undertaken so far;
> (b) commends the Principles of Canon Law Common to the Churches of
> the Anglican Communion for study in every Province;
> (c) invites Provinces and others to submit comments on the
> Principles of Canon Law Common to the Churches of the Anglican  
> Communion
> to the Convenor by 30 June 2010;
> (d) requests the Editorial Committee of the network to submit a
> report on the responses received to the following meeting of the Joint
> Standing Committee; and
> (e) encourages the Provinces to use the network as a resource in
> dealing with legal issues in their Provinces.
> Anglican Refugee and Migrant Network
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> The ACC
> (a)     welcomes the re-establishment of the Anglican Refugees and
> Migrant Network as an official Network of the Anglican Communion,
> (b) thanks the Province of Hong Kong for hosting the Network, and
> (c) commends the objectives of the Network to the Provinces.
> The International Anglican Women's Network
> Resolved: 05.05.09
> The ACC:
> (a) receives the report from International Anglican Womens Network,
> commends the network for its work and commitment, and encourages it to
> continue to raise and promote women's concerns in church and society;
> (b) urges full implementation of ACC Resolution 13.31 (b.ii) across
> the Communion and encourages Provinces, through the IAWN Provincial
> links, to report on further progress made to ACC-15;
> (c) requests that appointments to all Inter-Anglican Standing
> Commissions, and all other inter-Anglican Committees, design groups,  
> or
> appointed bodies follow resolution ACC 13.31 (b.i) to provide equal
> representation of women on each body;
> (d) unequivocally supports the elimination of all forms of violence
> against women and girls, including trafficking, and encourages all
> Provinces to participate in programmes and events that promote the
> rights and welfare of women, particularly as expressed in the Beijing
> Platform for Action and the United Nations Millennium Development  
> Goals;
> (e) recognising the importance of appropriate allocation of
> financial resources, recommends implementation of the principles of
> gender budgeting throughout the Communion, and requests Provinces to
> report on progress made to ACC-15.
> References
> (ACC Resolution 13.31.b) ACC acknowledges the MDG goal for equal
> representation of women in decision making at all levels, and so
> requests
>    i   the Standing Committee to identify ways in which this
> goal may appropriately be adapted for incorporation into the  
> structures
> of the Instruments of Unity, and other bodies to which the Anglican
> Consultative Council nominates or appoints
>    ii  all member churches to work towards the realisation of
> this goal in their own structures of governance, and in other bodies  
> to
> which they nominate or appoint
> and to report on progress to ACC-14
> For the Beijing Platform:  www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/Beijing/platform
> For the MDGs: www.un.org/millenniumgoals
> International Anglican Youth Network
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> The ACC:
> (a) urges every Province to ensure that at least one person,
> actively involved in youth ministry in their Province, participate in
> the International Anglican Youth Network;
> (b) encourages every Province to dedicate one Sunday each year as
> 'Ministries with Young People Sunday';
> (c) requests each Province to take up a special offering annually to
> support ministries with young people, of which a part would be for the
> work of the International Anglican Youth Network;
> (d) requests each Province to contribute financially to the work of
> the International Anglican Youth Network.
> Post-Conflict Resolution
> (from the Anglican Peace and Justice Network [APJN])
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> The ACC:
> a.  welcomes with appreciation the report of the Anglican Peace and
> Justice Network entitled "Community Transformation: Violence and the
> Church's Response," and thanks the provinces of Rwanda and Burundi for
> hosting the APJN in September and October 2007
> b.  celebrates the leadership exercised by the Provinces of Burundi
> and Rwanda, as well as Congo, Sudan, and Melanesia, in establishing
> post-conflict programs of reconciliation and healing, as highlighted  
> in
> the report
> c.  calls for increased solidarity from member Churches of the
> Anglican Communion with the Provinces in the Great Lakes Region, and
> recommends the establishment of partner relationships, where common
> witness and support may help in the prevention or resolution of
> conflicts in the region and communities may be more immediately  
> rebuilt.
> Sudan (from APJN)
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> The ACC:
> a.  draws the attention of member Churches to the Statement on Sudan
> issued by the Primates at their meeting in Alexandria in February  
> 2009;
> b.  asks its member Churches to urge the African Union, the United
> Nations, and their own governments to be more assertive in seeking a
> commitment from the Government of Sudan to implement the Comprehensive
> Peace Agreement without further delay;
> c.  urges its members to offer continued prayers and advocacy for a
> cessation of violence in Darfur, for resumption of peace talks with  
> the
> Lord's Resistance Army and the disarming of other marauding groups,  
> for
> safe passage for aid organizations, and for the protection of civilian
> populations throughout the country;
> d.  appeals to those Anglican leaders who are in dialogue with
> Muslim leaders around the world to share from their experience,  
> insights
> and wisdom on how best the interreligious dimensions of the conflict  
> in
> Sudan can be reduced.
> Peace-making Dialogues (from APJN)
> Resolved, 05.05.09
> The ACC:
> a.  urges Anglicans everywhere to be bold in preaching
> reconciliation and facilitating peace-making dialogues in every
> situation of war and conflict;
> b.  supports the concept of healing through the processes of
> truth-telling, repentance, and restorative justice;
> c.  urges all in provincial leadership positions, especially those
> in theological education, to implement programmes of conflict- 
> resolution
> skills training as a contribution to developing effective and bold
> prophetic voices for God's justice in all societies;
> d.  commends to the Provinces of the Anglican Communion the
> educational resources on conflict transformation and reconciliation
> identified and promoted by the Anglican Peace and Justice Network on  
> the
> ACO website.
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