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Dear Bishop Bahati - we are grieved by this news and shocked by the photographs and the stories of pain and suffering that they tell.


Before this note arrived , we had approved $10,000 for your last appeal. I can now tell that this has been processed and should be wired out to yoou this week,


With our prayers,




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Subject: Fw : Photos violence a Bunyakiri




                        DIOCESE OF BUKAVU 

                            BP 2876 BUKAVU 

                        BP 134 CYANGUGU RWANDA 


Humanitarian desaster causing displacement of people in  Bunyakiri, ziralo, Bufamandu, Walikale and Masisi areas.  


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 


Receive our warmest greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. 


We want by this letter to tell about the humanitarian desaster happening in the villages of Bunyakiri, ziralo, Bufamandu, Walikale and Masisi with people estimated to 2010 in Bunyakiri and 1050 in Ziralo. This situation is due to the fightings between Interahamwe (Rwandese refugee militias living in D.R. Congo after the Genocide of 1994 in Rwanda) and the loyal army of D.R.C. 


These groups have caused harms to people.   Displaced people has been exposed to bad condition of hygien and health. They can not get any kind of assistance from neither the government nor the NGOs. The emergency aid of medicines offered by Matutira Health Centre is too insufficient because  of the daily incresing of new cases. We want to infor you that Matutira Health Center is for the Anglican Church of Bukavu Diocese which is at at 225km from Bukavu town and 300km from Goma town.  


When the soldiers of D.R. Congo and Rwanda fighted against Interahamwe, these   Interahamwe came massively and attacked the civilian people. Fearing them, the people took the way of displacement leaving their homes and their properties. 


During the attack, the women have been raped, there are wounded people   some by  guns and others by pangs, hoes, knifes,...  41 women have been raped and other have been killed because they could not agree with the rapist, and  146 have been woonded. All the sick people are in Matutira Health Centre for care. 

Let us inform that the women and the children compose the majority of the vulnerable people. 


For this moment, the number of sckness is increasing with the bad hygienic conditions.  The cholera is confirmed with 78 cases of sickeness and 7 deaths (3 mothers, 2 men and 2 children). Malaria and stomac are frequent too. 


We request and we encourage to people and humanitarian organisations of good will to assist these victims living in sorrows and vulnerability. 

We ensure our large collaboration in the God and may the gracious Lord blesses you. 


Sincerely yours, 


Rt Revd Bahati Bali-Busane Sylvestre 

Bishop of Bukavu Diocese.

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	Objet: Fw : Photos violence a Bunyakiri
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	Date: Lundi 1 Juin 2009, 20h16

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Objet: Fw : Photos violence a Bunyakiri
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Date: Vendredi 15 Mai 2009, 16h50

	Svp Dr ces photos sont des personnes qui ont ete brulees dans leurs maisons et deux femmes qui ont ete violees l'une par 4 interahamwee et l'autre apres le viol on l'a blessee. Ils sont entrain de suivre les soins dans notre de sante de matutira bunyaakiri. une autre a ete tuee quand elle a refuse d'etre violee , on la tuee et jettee dans la riviere. Nous avons bcp de difficultes pour les prendre en charge et il ya 36 cas de cholera dont 3 sont decedes. 

	Merci bcp

	bahati mutunzi



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