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Friday, 10th July 2009 
Religious leaders react to draft bill 

L-R: Mufti saleh Habimana, Bishop Emmanuel  Kolini 
draft bill governing religions that was tabled before parliament’s
political affairs committee last month has been described as “delicate”
by the several religious leaders.
The bill that was drafted by
the Ministry of Local Government contained articles that the leaders of
different religious denomination contested saying that it infringes on
their freedom of worship.
The civic leaders have called for amendments in articles 21, 32, 35, 36 in order to facilitate their operation in the country.
a statement released by the religious leaders, it makes it clear that
the contested articles make it difficult to start a religious group and
maintain it. 
The bill states in article 21 that in case one
does not have 100 members as required by the draft bill to start a
religious denomination, he/she can be authorised by the sector to start
gathering for worship until the required number is attained. 
same applies to the application requesting for legal personality which
can only be done after nine months, article 25 indicates.
controversial article, 32 clause 4, suggest that a legal representative
of a denomination should be with at least a bachelor’s degree which has
been also contested.
Pastor Joel Sengoga of Devine Destiny
Church and Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini of Anglican Church say starting a
church does not require someone to be academically qualified but it’s a
“Law makers must have amended the bill basing on
weaknesses that befell the church but that is making biased laws, the
number does not matter but quality matters a lot, the bible says where
2 or 3 will gather God will be in their midst,” Kolini said in an
Rwanda’s Mufti Sheikh Saleh Habimana sees things
differently saying there is no problem with the bill because Rwanda
needs educated religious leaders to prevent future human debacles.
is a disaster to lead people when you are not educated but the only
problem with the bill, it does not verify which kind of a degree, but
most preferably it should be theology. Even if one has a different
degree, one should go for theology,” Habimana said in telephone
Recently religious leaders drafted a statement to be
presented to the local government ministry and the Speaker of
Parliament for possible amendments.

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